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Be sure to saturate your Variegated Vina Vine’s roots before covering with soil. After you buy vines, the fastest way to loose a new plant is poor moisture. Watering from the top when you finish the task does not insure moisture will reach all of the roots. For groundcover vines like Variegated Ivy and all others, you want to train to grow up as well.

Your new Jasmine Vine will be faster growing with some simple planting practices. Add compost or humus to your ground soil for better moisture retention. In heavy clay, be sure to loosen up an area twice as wide and deep as your root ball. This is done with all vines for faster new root growth and improved performance between watering.

Give your new Boston Ivy a booster shot when you plant it. Your new landscape and garden vines will acclimate and grow faster with liquid fertilizer. By applying MiracleGro when you plant your Boston Ivy and once a month until early fall, you will get amazing results. To get more abundant blooms from your jessmine and other evergreen vines this is a simple task with huge rewards.

Niobe Clematis will not need pruning until next spring. The same maintenance practice is used with Henryi Clematis and the Jackmani Clematis. Be careful not to bend the stems of your clematis while planting and getting it on a trellis. This will pinch the sap supply to the entire stem above the bend. If this accidentally happens, don’t despair! It will grow back.

Trumpet Vine is easy to adapt and grow in most soils. This bright flowering vine requires almost no maintenance beyond watering to increase root growth the first season. Dropmore Scarlet Honeysuckle vine doesn’t require special treatment either. If you follow the above planting tips and tricks with vines you plant, you will have quick landscape impact.