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To get the most out of your Jasmine Vine, just follow these expert planting tips. Jessamine will bloom the first spring and fall in great abundance if you prepare your planting spot correctly. Always dig the hole twice as wide and deep as the root ball. Shred the ground soil well because well-loosened soil will let your new Jasmine Vine grow roots faster. To keep the soil loose the first year, mix some compost in when planting. You’ll get faster growth than you’ve seen before with this trick.

New roots have to grow before you see more leaves and stems on your new vine. You can help your flowering Yellow Jasmine Vine adapt to your location with less shock. First, be sure to completely saturate the root ball before you place the plant it in the hole. Also give your new fragrant vines a boost with an application of MiracleGro a few hours after you finish the planting. There’s nothing like a good long drink and a healthy meal to help recover from stress. Repeat the feeding once a month and your vine will grow even faster.

The best way to maintain this beautiful evergreen vine is pretty easy. Prune it in early spring to keep it shapely. It will tolerate dry periods once established in your soil. You will want to make sure it is watered regularly during its first year in your yard. This will help it adapt to your soil and grow thick strong roots and lots of flowering stems. The most beautiful evergreen Jasmine Vines are those that are watered regularly. So if it doesn’t rain for a few days, be sure to give your new flowering vine a drink. The reward for a few moments of your time will be a shower of brilliant yellow bloom twice a year for years to come.