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The Snowball Bush is commonly grown as an ornamental plant for its flowers and berries. This flowering shrub makes a great focal point for the center of a large yard, or for the corner of a foundation planting. This flowering shrub will grow large, up to 12 tall and 15 feet wide and prefers moist, humus-rich, moderately alkaline soil that drains well. It does well in sun or partial shade.

The Snowball Bush is easy to care for and maintain. Feed with a water soluble fertilizer or granulated fertilizer just prior to it blooming in the spring and keep the soil moist by applying mulch. If you choose to prune this bush, do it after the flowers fall off in early summer.

Snowball Bushes will create a beautiful spring and fall display in any landscape.In the late spring, this deciduous shrub will be covered with masses of pure white snow-ball like flower clusters and its leaves turn purplish red before dropping in the fall. 

How to Plant the Snowball Bush: Remove and discard grass and weeds from the planting site. Dig a hole that is shallow and broad - about three times the diameter of the root ball, but no deeper than the root ball.

Carefully remove the bush from its container, and using your hands, gently loosen any outside roots from the sides and bottom, taking care not to break or damage the roots of the bush.

Place the bush in the center of the hole so the root crown (where the trunk meets the roots) is about 11/2 to 2 inches above the surrounding ground level.

Backfill the hole with the original soil. Water thoroughly right after planting to soak the planting area and settle the soil. Spread mulch or wood chips about 4 inches deep over the entire planting area to help retain moisture and cut down on weeds.