Flowering Shrubs

Flowering Shrubs

Some of the most common Flowering Shrubs are Hydrangeas, Snowball Bushes, Encore Azaleas and Knock Out Roses

Flowering ShrubsThese shrubs can be incorporated into foundation plantings dominated by evergreens or can be set off separately in plantings or mixed borders. Flowering Shrubs benefit from a yearly slow release fertilization, which can be done in the early spring for optimal nutrition and new growth. If you must prune your flowering shrub, it is suggested that you prune right after it blooms. This gives the shrub adequate time to establish new blooms for the following year and it will also make the shrub look fuller as it grows back.

Flowering Shrubs are easily stressed by transplanting, so be prepared for your new shrub to bloom sparsely or not at all the first season. It is not necessary to dead-head the shrub (removal of dead blooms), but if you decide to, it will help to produce more blooms for a longer period of time.

How to Plant a Flowering Shrub: When planting Flowering Shrubs, choose the place in your yard where you will get the best benefit of the fragrant flowering shrubs. Some of the factors that you must consider in picking a site for your shrubs are how much sun the area in question gets per day, how well does the area drain water and is the area big enough to accommodate the growth of your shrubs.

Once you have chosen the best spot for your shrubs, begin by digging a hole twice the size of the root-ball. Soak hole with water, let the water absorb into the soil and then line the hole with a mixture of soil and peat-moss. Peat moss will help retain moisture during the hotter months.

Place your shrub in a prepared hole, fill in with dirt and tamp dirt down around the shrubs with your feet. This will help to prevent air-spaces that damage roots. Be aware of the location of your shrubs for watering.  Flowering shrubs that prefer shade will not require as much water as do the shrubs that prefer direct sunlight.

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