Knock Out® Roses

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Sunny Knock Out® Rose Tree

Starting at $99.99

Growing Zones: 5-10

Double Knock Out® Rose

Starting at $25.99

Growing Zones: 5-10

Knock Out® Rose Tree

Starting at $93.99

Growing Zones: 5-10

Pink Knock Out® Rose Tree

Starting at $88.99

Growing Zones: 5-10

Petite Knock Out® Rose Shrub

Starting at $51.99

Growing Zones: 5-10

Double Pink Knock Out® Shrub

Starting at $27.99

Growing Zones: 5-10

Sunny Knock Out® Rose

Starting at $74.99

Growing Zones: 4-11

Pretty Polly® Lavender Rose

Starting at $83.99

Growing Zones: 4-10

Coral Knock Out® Rose Shrub

Starting at $154.99

Growing Zones: 5-11

Pinkerbelle™ Rose

Starting at $99.99

Growing Zones: 5-11

White Knock Out® Rose

Starting at $124.99

Growing Zones: 5-10

Rainbow Knock Out® Rose Tree

Starting at $93.99

Growing Zones: 4-11

Sold Out Pretty Polly® Pink Rose

Growing Zones: 4-10

Sold Out Marc Chagall™ Rose

Growing Zones: 6-9

The Complete Guide to Knock Out® Roses

The Knock Out® Rose is the solution to all the rose lover's problems. Unlike other delicate varieties, the Knock Out® is one of the toughest plants in the garden. It’s winter hardy (from Florida all the way to Canada). It self-cleans spent blooms. It can even handle drought and resists Black Spot. In fact, it's resistant to pretty much any disease or pest.

Best of all: the Knock Out® has at least four cycles of blooms each season, compared to just three bloom cycles of other roses.

This miracle of the garden world grows with vigor, displaying a blanket of bouquets that spreads four feet at maturity. You can choose from numerous colors: reds, pinks, yellows, or whites. Flower gluttons can even pick out the Double Knock Out® Rose with double the flowers of the original. You can even have your own Knock Out® Rose Tree!

The Knock Out® Rose Varieties and Colors

There are several different varieties and forms of the Knock Out® Rose. Here'ss a timeline of their introductions:

2000 – The Original Knock Out® Red Rose is introduced to an unsuspecting public. Winner of the All America Rose Selection Award.
2004 – Blushing Knock Out® introduced: Pale pink petals.
2004 – Pink Knock Out®: Deep pink petals.
2005 – Double Knock Out®: Red bloomer with double the petals of the original
2006 – Sunny Knock Out®: Light petals with a deep yellow center. The only fragrant Knock Out® Rose.
2007 – Rainbow Knock Out®: Pink petals with a yellow center. Winner of the All America Rose Selection Award.
2010 – Knock Out® Rose Tree: The same hardiness and bloom characteristics of the Knock Out®, but in a standard tree form. Great for patios.

Picking the Perfect Knock Out® Rose

And while members of the Knock Out® family all exhibit the same hearty characteristics, take time to consider what style is best for you. Here some things to consider:
-Bareroot vs. potted
-Container vs. ground
-Do you want a variety of color?
-Do you want a shrub or tree?
-Is fragrance important?

For the budget-minded, the bareroot is cheapest, but also takes the longest time to establish in your landscape. Compared to the potted Knock Out® that already has the celebrity rose looks, the bareroot is, well, bare. Buying a potted plant gives you that instant satisfaction.

Knockout Roses are highly adaptable, and they can live happily in the ground or in a container. It’s up to you to consider what is best for your space. If you have a limited amount of growing space (mature Knock Out® shrubs grow out to four feet wide and high in the ground), consider the benefits of the container:

-Moving inside in winter means less care.
-Great for sprucing up a bare patio or walkway.
-Can be moved around to more desirable locations.

The Knock Out® Rose Tree can also live a comfy life in a container thanks to its dwarf tree characteristics. It reaches a manageable height of 7 feet and only spreads out about 3 feet!

If you have the space in the ground, the Knock Out® will add a colorful punch to your garden designs. And if you live in growing zones 5-9, you can rest assured that the Knock Out® will brave the winter with ease. Thanks to its spread, consider getting a group of three or five shrubs to cover a bare spot or add a flourish of color along the driveway. And thanks to blooms that last from early spring until the last days of fall, you’ll have a garden space covered in petals of every color imaginable. The Knockout Rose Trees also sits pretty in almost any landscape feature.

You should also take color into consideration when planning your spring garden. Do you want the traditional red looks of the original Knock Out® Rose, or do you prefer the Pink Knock Out®? You can also go out of the mainstream with the canary yellows of the Sunny Knock Out®. Plus, the Sunny is the only member of this prestigious family to have a fragrance. Also, you can always mix and match colors for a rainbow of blooms in the backyard. You can even snip some flowers to make an incredible bouquet for every room in the house.

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