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Take the time to choose a good location for your new Gardenia Bushes. Your location will determine how much sun your gardenias will do best in. In regions that have really high summer temperatures, you will want to choose a spot that is more part shade.

Mixing compost in with the planting soil will improve holding moisture for the roots. In clay, plant your new scented flowering bushes in a raised bed for good drainage. With Gardenias, make sure you plant away from the north side of your home. This will help protect your gardenia from cold winter winds.

The most common cause of new plant failure is lack of adequate water. This is especially important at planting time. Be sure to completely saturate your new Frostproof Gardenia roots and potting mix before covering the root ball. You’ll want to keep it consistently watered the first year. This helps your Gardenia Bushes adapt easily to your climate and root firmly into your local soil.

Your newly arrived August Beauty Gardenia shrub could use a booster. After a rough journey, a nice cold drink and a good meal help even plants feel refreshed. You can help your new evergreen shrub recover from shipping and adjust to your yard with a dose of MiracleGro. 

New gardenias most likely won’t need lots of pruning or shearing. Dwarf Radicans Gardenias usually grow put out even new growth. Just watch for uneven growth and give it a little shaping as it grows. You find it easy to grow a thick bush with more abundant blooms with some occasional light clipping.

Our Gardenia Shrubs are chosen for their proven performance. Following these few simple pointers, will give you even better performance from any easy to grow evergreen garden. Starting out correctly will help you achieve faster impact and more blooms the very first spring.