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Ask anyone which flower first comes to mind, and it’s a better bet than choice Vegas odds that they will say the rose. And why not? Shakespeare wrote about it. Valentine’s Day wouldn’t exist without it. Most gardens have it.

But, the rose is also known as being fussy. Thorns destroy even the most calloused hands. Pests create their own mini cities in the flowers. One bad prune means one dead rose. Even the blooms can be a tease, some only flowering once a year.

Is there any hope for the new gardener?

Never Fear, Knock Out is Here

Luckily, not all roses are created equal. Thanks to the fearless work of rose expert, William Radler, there is a superhero breed that dispels the notion of roses being fiendishly fussy. In 2000, Radler introduced the Knock Out® Rose to the gardening world. The plant won numerous awards, including the prestigious All America Rose Selection Award. Radler continues to introduce new varieties each year, from double petaled Knock Out roses to shades of pinks, rainbows, and whites. This year, the Knock Out reached millions in sales.

With the Knock Out, there is essentially no maintenance:

  1. Pests and disease stay away
  2. It can handle even the most careless of cuts
  3. It’s cold hardy
  4. It can handle any soil
  5. It’s spray free
  6. It self cleans its blooms
  7. Flowers even in intense summer heat

Red Double Knock Out® Rose

This Knock Out is for those gluttonous types who can’t handle a single-petaled rose. The Red Double Knock Out or the Pink Double Knock Out will make the neighbors head to the nursery just to keep up. Its compact 4 feet high and wide size at maturity makes it the perfect low hedge. Best of all, everyone will think you’re an expert. Don’t tell them your secret.

Sunny Knock Out® Rose

Not even the sun can compete with the Sunny’s radiant yellow blooms. This newest member of the Knock Out family is also the only one that gives off a fragrance. The tantalizing smells can roam up to 50 feet, and it is the #1 choice of landscape professionals. Just to be even more of a show off, the Sunny’s green foliage turns to burgundy in the cooler days of fall.

Knock Out® Rose Trees

Just when the gardening world recovered from the Knock Out Rose craze, Radler decided to go rogue and introduce a Knock Out Rose Tree. Like its smaller brethren, the tree retains both the high bloom cycle and low maintenance needs. It can even adapt to the confines of a container, and it will outshow any plant on the patio. If red is not your thing, don’t despair, you can choose from the Sunny Knock Out® Rose Tree or the Pink Knock Out® Rose Tree.

Time to Grow

Your decades of rose fear is now over. With the advent of the Knock Out Rose, even the blackest of thumbs will get a green makeover with this wunderkind of the flower universe. And its propensity for blooming in intense heat will make you love summer even more.