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Your new Spirea Bushes will easily adapt to your location with these planting tips. Spirea Shrubs need a nice sunny spot to really flower abundantly. Once you pick the planting spot, there are some professional tricks that will help make your Goldmound Spirea shrubs grow and bloom faster.

First, prepare the planting hole to allow the fastest root growth. Dig the hole twice as deep and wide as the root ball. Make sure you shred the ground soil well with the shovel. Completely saturate to root ball before covering it over, which is best done with a 5-minute soak in a bucket. Mixing compost or humus in with your soil will keep it loose the first year.

The root system of your new Vanhouttei Spirea will grow like crazy, giving you more beauty faster. To avoid transplant shock, give your Neon Flash Spirea a booster shot at planting. The availability of lots of moisture and instant plant food will give you remarkable success at getting your new shrubs used to your environment. Applying MiracleGro will bring it through planting in great shape.

Repeating the MiracleGro monthly until fall will really make your new spirea develop roots and leaves faster. It will flower faster and more abundantly too.

Pruning lightly is best with new spireas but only when they need a little shaping. All Spirea Bushes make great flowering hedges and Little Princess Spirea gives you three colors out of one brush. Following a regular feeding schedule will give you twice the bloom power.

Make sure to water your spirea bushes regularly the first year. Once well established, they’ll be ready to tolerate drought very well. You’ll be amazed at how well you new landscape shrubs adjust and grow more rapidly with these simple easy tricks.