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Double Red Knock Out® Roses are a spectacular addition to every garden. Along with the eye-catching blooms, this rose offers wonderful versatility to the home gardener. This rose can be planted as a specimen, in groups or as a hedge anywhere in the landscape. Red Double Knock Out® Roses are carefree landscape roses that are disease resistant, drought tolerant and naturally mildew resistant.

The Double Red Knock Out® Rose will produce an array of gorgeous colors and nonstop blooms surrounded by dark green foliage tirelessly from late spring until frost. Unlike most roses which require at least six hours of sun, Double Red Knock Out® Roses do fine in a location with as little as four hours of sun.

A moist, well-drained soil is ideal. This rose loves morning sun and afternoon shade and does not require any dead-heading, meaning old blooms do not have to be removed. This rose is almost maintenance free and will most certainly become a permanent resident in your landscape or garden.

How to Plant the Double Red Knock Out® Rose: Dig a hole at least wide enough for the roots of the bush so that none of them are bent. Make it deep enough for the bushes roots to be completely covered. A good guide is 2-3 times as wide as the rootball and deep enough so all the roots are covered. With a shovel score the sides of the planting hole to break any compacted soil - this will make it easier for your bushes roots to grow beyond the initial hole. Carefully place your bush in to the hole and spread out its roots.

Start filling in the hole with soil, carefully covering the roots. Gently pat down the soil with your hands and then water to help the soil settle around the roots. Continue adding another layer of soil, repeating the process of patting it down slightly and watering.

Fill in the hole up to the original ground level. Placing organic material such as leaves, mulch or bark around the bush can help protect the roots from getting too hot, maintain soil moisture and help to prevent any weeds.