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Double Knockout Roses

Growing Zones: 5-10
Our Price: $19.99
Growing Zones: 5-10
Our Price: $22.99
Growing Zones: 5-10
Our Price: $119.99
Growing Zones: 5-10
Our Price: $89.99

From the same marriage that brought us the original Knock Out, the Double Knock Out Rose depicts the next generation of low-maintenance rose gardening. With Double Knock Out Roses, you get double the color and hardiness of theoriginals. These beauties offer classic elegance in a robust and maintenance-free package.

No rose is more care free and easier to maintain than Knock Out. It's been engineered to be highly pest and disease resistant, so problems that affect ordinary roses, do not bother Knock Outs.

Twice as striking, the Double Knock Out's elegant blooms now give the appearance of a classic rose with its fuller petal structure, and it still performs like the original champ.

This prolific bloomer will be flaunting an abundance of vibrant flowers from spring through fall, and you'll be enjoying fresh-cut roses in your home for months on end. Don't let the breath-taking beauty of these delicate blooms fool you though. The Double Knock Out is tough as nails and can survive in almost any climate, requiring virtually no care at all.

Hardy in zones 5-11, this shrub matures to heights of about 3-4 feet with a similar spread. When planted in rows, this compact bloomer makes a gorgeous hedge or plant in groups of threes to create a dramatic accent.

Now, you can enjoy huge double-blooms on a miniature tree! The Knockout Rose Tree gives you all the incredible color of the double knockout rose bushes, but on a unique 4 ft. dwarf tree.

Double Knock Out Roses are perfectly at home in a foundation bed, or can even be planted in containers for placement around your deck or patio to add color and fragrance to your outdoor seating area.

If you thought rose bushes were beyond your green thumb comfort zone, then it's time to take a second look at the Double Knock Out Rose bush. Drought tolerant, self-cleaning, disease resistant and low maintenance; it's all you'd expect from a member of the Knock Out family.

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