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Summer Solstice: Our Top 10 Bloomers for the Longest Day of the Year

Flower crowns, fragrant bouquets, book-pressed blossoms—no matter the arrangement, summer blooms can bring life and color to any household. We’re getting close to Summer Solstice (the longest day of the year), so now’s the time for celebrating floral beauty. 

Significance of Flowers in Midsummer

The Summer Solstice, also called Midsummer, was originally a pagan holiday that celebrated the peak of summer in the northern hemisphere. The days are at their longest, the nights at their shortest, and the sun is as strong as it’s going to be all year. 

Some religions and cultures, particularly those in Germany and Scandinavian countries, still celebrate the holiday with festivals, nature-centric arts and crafts, dancing, and feasts! Traditions aside, it’s a wonderful day for everyone to remember the power of light—and of good.

So, whether you live on the rocky shores of Maine, in the hot valleys of Florida, or nestled beside the dark forests of Washington, vibrant flowers are surely brightening the world around you. That’s what makes the Summer Solstice so special.

June-Blooming Flowers to Honor Midsummer

At, we love plants that bloom (go figure!). We also love summertime because that’s when many blossoms appear, albeit some for longer than others. So, to embrace the magic and majesty of the Summer Solstice, our staff voted on our 10 favorite blooming plants, shrubs, and trees.

And, if one or two—or 10!—pique your interest, there’s nothing keeping you from enjoying them in your own yard or patio this summer. Check out our top picks for June blooms below!

10. Black-Eyed Susan

A true classic—the Black-Eyed Susan has the familiar look of the daisy and the friendly colors of the bumblebee. We love its simplicity (and that it’s a no-fuss flower!). 

The Black-Eyed Susan, 1999’s Perennial of the Year, blooms from mid to late summer. It’s a low-maintenance, heat tolerant, pest-resistant plant, adaptable to most gardenscapes and aesthetically ideal for cottage, prairie, or Mediterranean styles—cut gardens, too!


9. Pink Rose of Sharon Tree

Don’t let its name fool you—the Pink Rose of Sharon Tree is really a part of the hibiscus family. Reaching heights of 12 ft. tall, this flowering tree will bloom all summer with tropical pink flowers. 

The Pink Rose of Sharon made this list because it’s the perfect small-space solution. Place it in a pot on your terrace or plant it in the corner of your back garden. It’ll deliver bright fuschia blooms until fall!

8. Sioux Crape Myrtle

Who doesn’t love a good crape myrtle? They’re popular for their stunning blossoms and strong branches. But the Sioux Crape Myrtle is extra noteworthy for its showy display of color from spring to late fall

We can’t get enough of the Sioux Crape Myrtle’s dynamic foliage and delicate pink blooms. In spring, its leaves will turn bronze and then emerald for the rest of the season. And beyond summer, this deciduous tree will be set ablaze with rich sunset hues in autumn.

7. Cheyenne Spirit Echinacea

When it comes to color variety, the Cheyenne Spirit Echinacea wins every time. This coneflower variety offers a rainbow of blooms every summer, including white, cream, red, pink, orange, yellow, and purple. It blends into several different landscaping aesthetics, from the prairie style to the magical cottage garden look.

Our staff picked this flower for its sturdy stems that make it perfect for cut flower gardens. Its blooms are so impressive that the Cheyenne Spirit Echinacea actually won both the 2013 All-America Selections® award and Europe's FleuroSelect Gold Medal award for garden performance!

6. Lacey Blue Russian Sage

The Lacey Blue Russian Sage looks just like lavender, smells like sage, and blooms all season long. Its blossoms look like soft, feathery spikes that will flow the fresh summer breeze.

We love it because it’s been cultivated to flower longer and grow denser than the original Russian Sage. Whether you’re creating a Mediterranean or contemporary-styled gardenscape, planting a Lacey Blue will attract tons of bumble bees and butterflies–meaning healthier plants all around!

5. True Blue Butterfly Bush

You know it, pollinators love it–the butterfly bush. Our particular favorite, the True Blue Butterfly Bush, is extra special because it was shaped to look like a topiary tree. 

We put it on this list because it produces fluffy purple blooms throughout the summer (even during the occasional drought!). It can be planted in your yard or even potted in a patio container. And though it’s known for attracting butterflies, the True Blue Butterfly Bush will also attract friendly bumble bees, hummingbirds, and other garden helpers. 

4. Dallas Red Lantana

Color me impressed! The Dallas Red Lantana is one of the most showy flowering plants out there. It draws in pollinators, and despite “red” being in its name, this bloomer actually changes color throughout the season!

The Dallas Red Lantana made our list not only for its transforming hues and long-lasting blooms but also for its drought resistance, hardiness, and incredible adaptability. When you plant a Dallas Red Lantana, you’ll enjoy a low-maintenance color show all summer.

3. Geranium Rozanne

Another award-winning flower, the Geranium Rozanne will bloom for months on end. Not only do its flowers last all summer, but this pretty plant will quickly fill up bald spots in your garden as groundcover.

Though it’s a newer addition to our nursery, we’re already in love with this geranium’s delicate petals and near-evergreen foliage. Perfect for rock gardens, pots, or hanging baskets, the Geranium Rozanne will give you summer blossoms through mid-fall.

2. Onyx™ Zebra Hydrangea

Another pick for your cut flower garden, the Onyx Zebra Hydrangea is one of the most prolific bloomers available. Not only does it flower abundantly, but the contrasting colors of its blossom and stems provide dynamic visual interest to any garden.

We picked the Onyx Zebra for this list because of its wedding-white blooms, raven-dark stems, and its minimal care requirements. Cultivated to be low maintenance and versatile, you can plant this long-blooming hydrangea in a container, as a hedge, or out in the center of your garden.

1. Eyeconic Mango Lemonade Rose

What can we say? Roses are romantic, gorgeous, and timeless. But the Eyeconic Mango Lemonade Rose was our top staff pick for more than just its aesthetic appeal. 

Along with its sunset shades and soft-to-the-touch blooms, this rose variety is a pollinator magnet. Due to its open petals, bright coloring, and sweet fragrance, butterflies and bees flock to it, helping keep all surrounding plants well pollinated. 

Plant Flowers for Summer Solstices to Come

 All these flowering shrubs and trees are considered perennials–they'll come back with blooms every year! So, when you're planting to celebrate this Midsummer, you'll be setting yourself up for blossom-filled summers for years to come.

Not feeling drawn to a variety on this list? Peruse through our vast flowering plant collections here.

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