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Summer is winding down...which means it's the perfect time to plan and plant your garden for next season! And if you're looking to cultivate an English Garden, or cottage garden, we have the perfect picks for you - from the vibrant Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea to the Four Seasons Gardenia.

When it comes to English Gardens, simply keep the following ingredients in mind: Rich color variations, volume, and whimsy.

1. Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

Vanilla Strawberry HydrangeaAround mid-summer, delicate, creamy white flowers in cone-shaped clusters emerge, setting the Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea apart. Sturdy red stems and the flowers' transition to a blush hue in maturity give this shrub its unique name. You'll see your blooms change from ivory to cotton-candy pink and then finally, a rich strawberry-red or maroon.

And the best part is the vibrant, dense green foliage as the perfect backdrop, growing upright and cascading. Basically, the Vanilla Strawberry is synonymous with color and fairytale whimsy.

2. Four Seasons Gardenia

Four Seasons GardeniaAptly named for its year-round visual interest and intoxicating fragrance, the Four Seasons Gardenia boasts double white flowers that make their appearance throughout all four seasons. So, this everblooming gardenia is perpetually perfuming your garden.

Iconic creamy-white gardenia blossoms meet signature fragrance to create the perfect addition to an English Garden. The Four Seasons' lustrous leaves of glossy green maximize the delicate, wispy aesthetic and keep their color year-round. Plus, because the Four Seasons tolerates partial shade, it can thrive in a number of areas in your garden.

3. Double Knock Out® Rose

Offering the gorgeous looks and color of roses without the hassle, our Double Knock Out® Rose lives up to its get double the blooms, and double the petals per flower.

Plus, since the Double Knock Out® offers disease and pest resistance, you also get nine months of nonstop blooms, from spring to fall - and all without deadheading or maintenance. The Double Knock Out® is a plant-and-forget favorite that gives you all the benefits without the hassle.

4. Amethyst Falls Wisteria

Amethyst Falls WisteriaThe Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea, Four Seasons and Double Knock Out® bring vivid pinks, creams, reds, and greens to the table. But what about blue and purple? Enter the Amethyst Falls Wisteria. Blue is a rare color in landscaping, which is why the Amethyst Falls is in such high demand. And since it's a productive, reliable plant, you'll get giant blue-violet blooms from early spring through summer.

Plus, it's slow-growing, so it's easy to train in a container or on a trellis, pergola, porch or patio. You can even train it to grow on a tree, lending whimsy and volume to your garden.

Choose one or choose them all - no matter which of these top 4 you select for your English Garden, you can't go wrong. Check out more Flowering varieties here - the fanciful cottage garden of your dreams is just a click away!