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Top 5 Tips for Growing Veggies in Your Garden

Top 5 Tips for Growing Veggies in Your Garden

Spring is near, and that means preparing for vegetable planting. Be sure to consider these five factors when starting up your garden, though:

Preparing the Area

Choose a well-drained garden area. Then prepare the soil by plowing and discing. If a fertilizer is needed, such as animal manure, it should be added before planting.

Watering and Soil

The moisture level of the soil below the surface could be different from what’s above the ground. Dig down deep in a spot, feeling the dirt. If it’s dry, irrigation is needed. The best irrigation methods to help conserve water are trickle irrigation and drip irrigation.

Earthworms can be a gardener’s best friend! Worms work like mini aerators to help maintain the airflow in soil. If they aren’t cooperating, aeration can also be achieved through plowing or using a manual aerator.

To lime or not to lime – that could be the question. The pH (acid level) of soil should be maintained to achieve optimal results, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The soil conservation office can test soil samples to determine pH. Liming should be done at least every two years.


Weather plays a large part in the success of a vegetable garden. Too much rain can rot the roots. A dry season will cause it to look like the Mohave Desert. Choosing a well drained garden spot will help if it rains a lot. Installing an irrigation system will be time well spent if the season turns out dry.

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to enjoy an abundance of vegetables in your garden!

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