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It's finally fall! And what better way to welcome the season than with our top 4 trees and plants for fall color? From the Autumn Purple Ash to the Bihou Japanese Maple, we have the most dazzling selections for the cooler months.

After all, fall is the best time of year...pumpkin spice, the crisp breeze, cozy sweaters, and planning your perfect garden. So, roll up those sleeves, and get the dirt on our favorites for the season!

1. Autumn Purple Ash

Did you know that the Autumn Purple Ash is the only shade tree that turns purple for fall?

From glossy green in the summer to red, then a definite purple shade...the kaleidoscope of colors is spectacular. Even better is the fact that the Autumn Purple Ash holds its color longer and is easy to grow, thriving in both moist areas and dry, arid regions.

2. Autumn Gold Ginkgo

Autumn Purple Ash to Autumn Gold Ginkgo

You get the easy, full growth of the Ginkgo plus warm, gilded hues in the fall. So, the Autumn Gold is fast-growing and good-looking, with blazing golden foliage that's second to none.

And the Autumn Gold's open, symmetrical branching means you see more color than with other maple varieties.

3. Autumn Blaze Red Maple

We can't talk about fall without highlighting our Autumn Blaze Red Maple! This special tree merges the best benefits of two separate trees into one brilliant package.

And it lives up to its name, delivering blazing color in an elegant. Plus, it's one of the fastest-growing varieties available, making it ideal for giving you quick shade.

4. Bihou Japanese Maple

Bihou Japanese Maple

Bihou means 'beautiful mountain range' in Japanese, and this tree fits the bill. Stunning, captivating, and colorful, the Bihou is a standout for months at a time.

Typical Japanese Maple Trees give you color for a few weeks in the fall, but the Bihou delivers amazing yellow, orange and red foliage from spring into autumn. Is there anything better than the warm palette of tones that signal this season!?