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November already? We can't believe it either! It seems like fall just started but in another month, the season will change again. If you're wanting to bring a bit of color indoors to carry you through the chilly months, we've got the perfect solution: Dwarf Trees.

We love Dwarf Trees because they fit in almost's like having a smaller, mini version of your classic favorites that may be too large for your own landscape. With Dwarf Trees, you get full blooms, fresh color and easy growth in the perfect package.

1. Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Dwarf Alberta Spruce for Dwarf TreesWith soft, dense green foliage and easy-growing benefits, our Dwarf Alberta Spruce Tree is an even better version of the standard size. From its cold hardiness to its ability to thrive in a container, you get the same benefits you love in the larger Alberta Spruce...just in a smaller size.

And though it may remind you of the winter season coming up, the Dwarf Alberta is perfect for year-round good looks, indoors or out. Whether you use it to dress up entryways, patios or gardens, the Dwarf Alberta’s manageable size and hassle-free care make it one-of-a-kind.

2. Korean Lilac

A new favorite among lilac lovers, avid gardeners and landscape designers, the Dwarf Korean Lilac is the timeless pick in a smaller package. But don't let its smaller size fool still get an explosion of giant, showy blooms in early spring.

In fact, this is one of the most colorful and fragrant lilac varieties you can find, and they look great anywhere. From a potted-up specimen indoors, around your patio, or by your entryways, the Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree is one of the top-rated Dwarf Trees.

3. Limelight Hydrangea

Exploding with blooms in early summer, the Limelight Hydrangea Tree is a customer favorite for a reason. Tons of light blooms in crisp clusters are showy and long-lasting, transitioning into lovely shades of pale and blushing pink in fall.

Plus, it's the Dwarf Tree that keeps on giving since it offers the possibility of fresh and dried flower arrangements indoors. Versatile and virtually carefree, the Limelight Hydrangea Tree is small in stature but statement-making when it comes to no-nonsense beauty.

4. Infinitini® Orchid Dwarf Crape Myrtle

Infinitini Crape Myrtle for Dwarf TreesLavender-purple flowers define the Infinitini Dwarf Orchid Crape Myrtle Tree. This hard-to-find orchid color offers a rich shade that's truly rare.

And because it boasts a compact growth habit that doesn't become straggly or spindly, the Orchid Dwarf is a good-looking specimen that's virtually carefree. Even better? It's drought tolerant once established, making it particularly well-suited to those without a green thumb, or even for frequent travelers.

But no matter which of our Dwarf Trees you choose, you can't go wrong. Our top 4 Dwarf Trees to grow indoors and beyond mean you'll have a masterful homescape. Check out more Dwarf Trees and Flowering Trees here - the full, lush look of your dreams is just a click away!