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Top Landscape Trends for 2022

Sarah Logie

As Content Strategist at, Sarah is smitten with words and a fanatic for flowers, particularly cut florals and house plants. With a love for curating compelling content, she also enjoys furthering her plant knowledge along the way!

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Sarah Logie

A new year is a chance to try a brand new landscape. What better time to start fresh and try a different style or design than right now? Below are a few of our favorite plant trends for 2022 to get you inspired!

Tropical Plants

One trend we love is tropical plants. Whether it’s Tropical Fruit Trees, Tropical House Plants, Palm Trees and more, these varieties evoke island-inspired vibes, unique textures and bright colors. Although tropical plants have always been favored, there’s been a recent boost in tropical plant sales, likely due, in part, to fewer travel plans the past few years. People are seeking ways to transport themselves to the tropics without leaving their homes, and tropical plants do just that! From the exotic Passion Fruit (pictured below) and Paw Paw to the unique Bird’s Nest Fern and Christmas Palm Tree, you can’t go wrong with the effortless, tropical flair these varieties provide!

Passion Fruit

Utilizing Porches and Balconies

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, townhouse, or home, there’s endless ways to enhance your patio, porch or balcony, no matter how large or small your space is. Some people tend to neglect these outdoor areas or simply don’t know what to do with them, but many plants lend themselves perfectly to enhancing porches and balconies. You might typically focus on your indoor design, but don’t forget about the outside! Container planting is easy, fun and especially flexible because you can constantly switch out your pots or rearrange your layout as you see fit.

Try a Knock Out® Rose Tree for endless, bright blooms, Peach Sorbet Blueberry for a rewarding crop of delicious blueberries, or the Hawaiian Ti Plant for vibrant foliage color that lasts year-round. And there’s tons of other options when it comes to patio-perfect plants. Just check out these varieties to get started!

Porch plantings

Variegated Foliage

Another trend we can totally get behind? Variegated and patterned foliage. Everyone loves bright, bold flower blooms, but how about gorgeous, textured foliage that’s just as appealing? From bright greens and whites to dark green, almost black, and deep burgundy shades, there’s a plethora of plants to love for their unique foliage. From house plants to shrubs, hedges and trees, we’re a big fan of rare and beautiful leaves and the potential it adds to indoor and outdoor spaces.

Consider Colocasia ‘Hilo Beauty’, Golden Euonymus, Croton ‘Mammy’ (pictured below) or Carolina Sweetheart® Redbud Tree for unparalleled foliage colors and striking visual interest. Whether you pair these varieties with other plants or use them alone as eye-catching focal points, they’re sure to set your home apart this year!

'Mammy' Croton Plant

Planting for Wildlife

This year, create a garden that’s both beautiful and wildlife-friendly. Pollinator-friendly gardens have been rising in popularity over the past few years, and continue to do so. Pollinators, such as butterflies, birds, moths, and bees, play a crucial role in our ecosystem — they help thousands of flowering plants to reproduce. So, planting with pollinators in mind helps to support this important function.

There’s several things to keep in mind when creating a pollinator-friendly garden like location, soil type, sunlight and types of plants. You’ll typically want to plant in full sun locations with moist, well-draining soil and avoid chemical products that can harm wildlife, opting for mulch and compost instead. Then, you’ll want to pick plants that attract pollinators like herbaceous flowering varieties, including Sage, Foxgloves, Peonies, Catmint and Coneflowers. You can also choose certain varieties of Roses, Lilacs, Lavender and Butterfly Bushes, and flowering trees like Cherries, Magnolias, Dogwoods and Redbuds to boost your pollinator-friendly landscape.

Learn more about creating a pollinator-friendly garden here.

Miss Molly Butterfly Bush

Miss Molly Butterfly Bush

Native Plant Gardens

Another landscape trend that’s beneficial to wildlife is native plant gardening. Native plants are ones that naturally grow in a particular area without human involvement and are adapted to the local climate and soil. They hold many benefits for the ecosystem, including providing food and shelter for native pollinators like butterflies, birds and insects. They also require less water, fertilizer and pesticides than typical lawns, help prevent soil erosion, and reduce air pollution. It’s easy to see why we’re big fans of the native plant garden trend, right? And it’s easy enough to create your own - just follow these tips!

First, you’ll want to match plants to your landscape. Be sure to consider the zone you’re in, the amount of sun your garden gets, and your soil type and its moisture level. You’ll also want to take a look at the existing plant life in your yard to ensure your native plants won’t negatively impact or be negatively impacted by nearby varieties. Then, choose plants accordingly so that they’ll thrive, get planting, and give them time to establish. Soon, you’ll have a flourishing garden that benefits you and the ecosystem!

Native plants will differ by region, but a few widely spread native varieties include Persimmons, Paw Paws, and Beautyberries.

Learn more about native plant gardening. 

Native plant garden

Edible Gardens

Edible gardens, also known as victory gardens, date back to WWI when citizens were encouraged to grow their own produce and herbs at home to combat food supply shortages during the war. Today, we’ve seen an increase in edible garden popularity due to people spending more time at home and seeking convenient, cost-effective options.

With tons of herbs, fruits, vegetables, nuts and other delicious plants available, creating an edible garden has never been easier! Whether you have a large landscape to fill or a small patio that needs some love, edible plants will beautify your space and please your palette. Large trees can make a statement in your backyard, while smaller bushes are perfect for containers.

Try adding Lavender, Rosemary, and Lemon Grass to your herb garden, harvest homegrown Apples, Citrus, Berries or any other Fruit Trees & Bushes, or grow your own Chestnuts, Pecans, and Hazelnuts. There’s so many delicious options to enjoy - you’ll have fun planting them and harvesting the rewards. Not only will an edible garden provide fresh, tasty food, but it’s healthy and sustainable and offers a great alternative to expensive grocery store prices.

Learn more about creating your own edible garden.

Peach Sorbet Blueberry

Outdoor Entertaining

Similar to edible gardens, outdoor entertaining has been increasing in popularity. Families and friends have been enjoying the outdoors more than ever, so it follows that there’s been a greater interest in utilizing outdoor patios, porches and yards for entertainment purposes. And people are planting more as a way to decorate and enhance these outdoor spaces, which we love! Incorporating plants around your yard instantly boosts visual appeal and adds value to your home.

Whether you choose large shade trees or privacy trees to border your backyard, or shrubs and hedges to line your patio and plant in containers on your porch, adding flowers or greenery will quickly elevate your yard. Throw in some hanging lights, candles, and other decorative items, and you’ll have the ideal setup for hosting get-togethers. Your friends and family won’t want to leave your bright, lively, welcoming yard!

Outdoor entertaining 

With all of these fun trends to choose from, you’ll have plenty of planting to do in the new year! Whether you’re looking to up your entertainment game, benefit wildlife, or simply give a fresh twist to your current landscaping, plants are the perfect way to enhance your home and add enjoyment to everyday life.

Happy New Year and happy planting!

And don’t forget to visit our Resource Center for more helpful plant tips and shop our wide selection of trees, shrubs and everything in between!

Sarah Logie

As Content Strategist at, Sarah is smitten with words and a fanatic for flowers, particularly cut florals and house plants. With a love for curating compelling content, she also enjoys furthering her plant knowledge along the way!