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Blueberry Bushes

Growing Zones: 6-9
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Growing Zones: 4-8
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Blueberries - an Easy to Grow Superfood!

Blueberry bushes not only look beautiful in your landscape, they also provide you with loads of healthy, nutritious fruit! These little treats are packed full of antioxidants and a wide variety of nutrients. Just imagine all of the fabulous dishes that you can make with a few bushes just laden with juicy, delicious blueberries!

Blueberry Plants look great in any landscape!

Our selection of blueberries has been chosen for their flavor, ease of maintenance, lovely foliage and their growing nature. These plants will look amazing when mixed with other colorful bushes, as well as with a variety of perennials.

You'll notice that we offer the unique Pink Lemonade Blueberry, which is really a treat! Unlike the typical blueberry, the Pink Lemonade produces deep pink blueberries that really brighten up the garden. The best part? They are super-sweet as well, which makes them a fun and favored fruit choice for kids!

Blueberries have been used for a great many things over the years.

The blueberry bush is a native plant to North America. For countless years, the Native Americans gathered blueberries to consume and preserve. The native people referred to them as "star berries" due to the shape of the fruit's calyx.

Native Americans used the entire blueberry plant for a variety of purposes. Teas were made from blueberry leaves, while the juice treated coughs and doubled as a fabulous dye. The berries themselves were eaten fresh or dried for multiple uses. Even the roots of the blueberry plant were used to make teas and other medicines.

One of the most pouplar varieties in today's landscape is the Rabbiteye Blueberry bush.

The first colonists were taught to survive using native plants like blueberries. Even soldiers of the Civil War benefited from the blueberry, depending upon a drink made from the fruit for sustenance.

The blueberry is a versatile fruit. How will you use yours?

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