Olive Trees

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Arbequina Olive Tree

Starting at $96.99

Growing Zones: 8-11

Koroneiki Greek Olive Tree

Starting at $169.99

Growing Zones: 8-11

Sikitita Olive Tree

Starting at $109.99

Growing Zones: 10-11

Lecciana Olive Tree

Starting at $179.99

Growing Zones: 8-11

Sold Out Manzanillo Olive Tree

Growing Zones: 8-10

Sold Out Leccino Olive Tree

Growing Zones: 8-11

Sold Out Little Ollie' Dwarf Olive

Growing Zones: 8-11

Sold Out Italian Olive Tree

Growing Zones: 4-11

Olive tree with fruit

The taste of the Mediterranean from home.

Tender and succulent flavor, along with rich golden oils, are just a click away with our Olive Trees. Plus, because we've grown and nurtured our Olive Trees before they arrive at your door, it's easy to grow your own from home.

Where to Plant Olive Trees

Thriving as a potted plant or a year-round tree in your yard, Olive Trees generally enjoy full sun or full to partial sun (4 to 8 hours of sunlight daily). Though it will depend on your variety, Olive Trees love the sun and well-drained soil to truly thrive.

How to Care for Olive Trees

If you're planting in a container, choose a pot that is twice the size of its shipped container, and ensure that pot has drainage holes. Container-grown Olive Trees require more watering than those planted in the ground as well, so make sure that you water the soil until it is soaked leaving time in between for the soil to dry.

If you’re planting your tree in the ground, wait until the spring so it has the summer to get established. When you're ready to plant, dig a hole that is two to three times wider and deeper than the rootball, water to settle the roots, and mulch to help conserve the moisture.

As a rule of thumb, water your Olive Trees twice a week until the roots mature.

Olive Tree size comparison

How to Prune Olive Trees and Pollinate

Most of our Olive Trees are self-fertile, which means you won't need a pollinator (though you can cross-pollinate multiple trees for a bigger bounty).

When you prune, ensure that you're removing dead, diseased or damaged branches year-round, and always use clean, sterilized pruning shears to do your pruning.

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