Snake Plant Sansevieria

Black Gold Snake Plant has leaves that are lined with gold coloring.

* Images shown are of mature plants

Snake Plant Sansevieria

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Product Description

One of the Easiest Houseplants to Grow

Effortless growth merges with a clean, modern silhouette, setting the Snake Plant apart. Known for requiring little water (almost thriving on neglect), this hard-to-kill evergreen will make a bold statement with its exotic, lush look.

Its upright leaves are long and sword-like, with some reaching 2 to 3 feet. Each variety of snake plant features unique foliage:

The Black Gold Snake Plant has dark green leaves outlined with yellow, creating a color contrast beloved by interior designers.

The Snake Plant Laurentii has a lighter green, variegated color. Silver-green is layered with darker green throughout, with the same bright yellow outline as the Black Gold Snake Plant.

The Snake Plant Zeylanica has silver-green leaves with even horizontal stripes of darker green. Stylish and adaptable, it can fit in anywhere in your homescape.

Whichever variety of Snake Plant you choose, you can rest assured it will work for you! In fact, a Clean Air Study completed by NASA shows that the Snake Plant was rated one of the top plants for improving air quality, producing oxygen all through the night. And it stores water in its leaves, much like a cactus, making it highly drought tolerant.

You get all these easy-growing benefits without any effort on your part. We've done the hard work at our nursery, planting, growing, and caring for your Snake Plant. Now, you reap the benefits. Get your Snake Plant today and see what all the hype's about!

Planting & Care

1. Planting: Ensure you select a location with bright, indirect light - placing your Snake Plant in front of a sunny window is ideal.

The Snake Plant can go years without requiring repotting. It often thrives in a root-bound situation. But if you're re-planting, choose a pot that is twice as large as the Sansevieria plant’s root ball. Pick a pot that has drainage holes as well. When you're ready to plant, place three inches of general-purpose potting soil into the bottom of the pot, set the plant’s root ball on top of the soil, and add potting soil around the plant’s roots. Gently press the soil down around the plant’s roots to remove all air pockets. Water the newly potted plant thoroughly after planting.

2. Watering: After planting, keep the soil slightly dampened around the Snake Plant’s roots but not overly saturated for the first year after planting. During the dry season, water the plant at least once per week. Once established, it has the ability to survive even an extended drought.

Generally, you should allow the soil in the pot to dry out between waterings.

3. Fertilizing: Use a half-diluted, general all-purpose fertilizer for house plants. Fertilize once every three weeks throughout the summer.

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Product Details

Growing Zones: Indoors
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  • Mature Height: 1-3 ft.
  • Mature Width: 1-3 ft.
  • Sunlight: Indirect Bright Light
  • Does Not Ship To: AZ

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