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Taylor Juniper Tree

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Spartan Juniper Tree

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Wichita Blue Juniper Tree

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Hollywood Juniper Tree

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Parson’s Juniper

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Blue Pacific Juniper Shrub

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Moonglow Juniper Tree

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Blue Star Juniper Tree

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Green Mound Juniper Shrub

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Blue Point Juniper Tree

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Sold Out Skyrocket Juniper Tree

Growing Zones: 4-9

Juniper: A Unique and Effortless Evergreen

Straight out of a Mediterranean landscape, Junipers possess a unique look and an effortless evergreen growth that's not easily replicated in other trees.

Belonging to the family Cupressaceae (genus: Juniperus), the botanical name originates from the Cypriot islands of the Mediterranean, where trees of this family are frequently found. The needle-bearing, coniferous evergreens are common to inhospitable mountainous regions in the Northern Hemisphere, due to their compact size and hardy growth.

Junipers are beloved by home gardeners and landscapers for their short trunks, attractive foliage and fragrant, herbal scent. Their characteristic aroma explains why botanicals extracted from the tree have become a popular addition to gin and other beverages. Sought after for their distinctive, spicy flavor, Juniper berries are used in many European dishes.

The best part? Owning a juniper is easy and rewarding, due to their low maintenance requirements, cold and heat tolerance, drought resistance, and ability to attract wildlife and songbirds to your garden!

Types of Juniper

There are more than 60 different varieties of Juniper, including both trees and shrubs. Some Junipers have silvery-blue foliage, while others are a more true-green hue. However, all share the common characteristics of evergreen needles that flatten into "scales" when mature, impressive drought-resistance and tolerance to both heat and cold.

A few of our favorite Juniper varieties include:

Spartan Juniper: True to its name, the Spartan Juniper is as tough as nails, withstanding even the harshest growing conditions. Loved for its ability to grow in tight areas, this Juniper grows in a dense yet neat upright pinnacle form, reaching 15-20 feet tall and just 4-5 feet wide. Neighbors will think you spent hours shearing this tree into its stately, natural shape!

Wichita Blue Juniper: If you prefer to enjoy your landscape with little work rather than spending hours maintaining your trees, the Wichita Blue Juniper is the tree for you. The distinctive blue-grey coloration of the Wichita Blue, paired with its neat upright form, will contrast with other garden trees - it's also great for small privacy hedges.

Skyrocket Juniper: The Skyrocket is a great little accent tree that can withstand both drought and snowfall, thanks to its hardy evergreen needles. The Skyrocket is compact, growing just 15 feet tall, with rocketing branches that grow neatly upright without pruning. Its small, compact footprint makes it perfect for urban gardens and smaller yards.

Blue Star Juniper: These ornamental favorites are renowned for their bright blue-green needles that can be pruned into a unique, topiary-like form. An explosion of blue-green color atop a narrow trunk makes an eye-catching feature in any yard - you can even plant it in a container on your patio or indoors!

Benefits of Juniper Trees

Juniper trees have numerous benefits, which is one of the reasons this family of trees has become so popular in the homes and gardens of people all over the world.

  • Compact size: Junipers don’t require much space to grow strong and healthy. They have adapted to growing in confined mountain spaces between rocky outcrops and cliff sides. You can plant Junipers next to a patio, or near a house wall, without worrying about constant pruning and overgrowth.
  • Neat natural habit: Surprisingly, Junipers don’t require much pruning (if any at all) to retain their neat, upright shape.
  • Fragrant smell: The distinctive smell of the Juniper's bark, as well as the flavor of its berries, has made the little tree famous for its aromatic properties.
  • Minimal care requirements: Junipers are found in some of the harshest natural environments in the world. That means they are accustomed to difficult growing conditions and will thrive in nearly any environment.
  • Evergreen foliage: The Juniper's perpetually green needles will bring beauty to your garden year-round – and make them perfect for long-lasting privacy hedges.
  • Drought resistant: Don't worry about periods of heat or drought - Junipers grow well even with a limited water supply.
  • Unique color: While Junipers come in varying shades, the popular silvery-blue to blue-green varieties will add interest to your landscape and stand out among greener trees and shrubs.

Juniper Tree Care

Junipers are incredibly hardy and low maintenance, provided that their basic needs are met.

Ensure that your Juniper tree or shrub is planted in an area that gets full sunlight. If Junipers don't get enough light, they can become weak and spindly. Junipers also enjoy well-drained soils, so either sandy or rocky soils will work well.

Junipers can survive without much other care, but to ensure consistent, steady growth, regular watering and the occasional addition of fertilizer and mulch will provide optimal growing conditions.

Get Easy, Evergreen Growth for Your Landscape

Juniper Trees are compact trees that can grow in the toughest conditions - but they make a big impact wherever they're planted. Their hardy nature and evergreen leaves give them the ability to withstand harsh, dry summers as well as frozen, icy winters.

If you want a brilliant, unique tree without the work, the Juniper is a great option for your yard or patio. Get yours today!

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