Viburnum Shrubs

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Sold Out Eastern Snowball Bush

Growing Zones: 3-8

Sold Out Snowball Viburnum Bush

Growing Zones: 6-9

Attractive, Colorful and Giant Blooming Viburnum Shrubs!

Viburnums in full bloom are a true sight to see!

Brighter Blooms currently carries the Chinese Snowball Bush, Blue Muffin Viburnum and the Arrowwood Viburnum, both of which yield huge blooms that are sure to brighten your landscape. These mega-blooms start to appear in spring and continue throughout the summer to provide you with an amazing show of color.

Fast growing and low maintenance!

Viburnum shrubs are fast growers, but their growing habits are quite appealing. In the first few years, it will typically remain oval shaped. However, as the plant matures, its branches will broaden and arch.

Though these plants can become quite large, they are very low maintenance plants. This means less work for you, as there is no need to spend countless hours on this plant to achieve big results. They just happen on their own.

Kids love the blooms and birds love the berries!

Many choose Viburnum because it is a colorful plant that has extremely attractive foliage and a favorable growing habit. However, kids literally fall in love with the giant blooms (especially the Snowball).

Wildlife loves the Viburnum, too!

What many don't realize is that these shrubs actually produce an abundance of berries in the fall that attract a whole variety of wildlife.

The deciduous Viburnum is a fantastic shrub that is loaded with possibilities. Enjoy its seasonal qualities from spring to fall: blossoms and fall foliage are what Viburnum is known for. Use Viburnum for a hedge, border, or just for its ornamental qualities as a showpiece!

Viburnum shrubs are lovely plants and are native to North America; however, they also appear throughout South America and Southeast Asia. With attractive foliage that changes hue throughout the growing season and large, colorful blooms, this plant has become quite desirable for the landscape. They are also very easy plants to grow, making them a great choice for new gardeners!

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