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Golden Bamboo Plant

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Black Bamboo Plant

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Bamboo Plants: Fast-growing benefits, plus exotic looks

With our Bamboo plants, you get exotic good looks and fast, easy growth. Bamboo species are adaptable to a variety of soils and are versatile plants that cover a diverse botanical spectrum, including different species, types, sizes and colors.

About Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants are an incredibly unique group of evergreen flowering plants with distinct growing habits. In fact, Bamboo plants are not technically trees, but rather a type of grass - that's part of the reason they grow so fast! Their unique look gives you the opportunity to flex your creative muscles when incorporating them into your garden or patio.

Bamboo spreads quickly through a rhizomatous root system that shoots out roots horizontally underground - in fact, it grows so fast and can spread so rapidly that it's considered invasive in many areas. However, you can control Bamboo growth by planting it in containers or using underground planting barriers to prevent the roots from spreading.

Types of Bamboo

There are more than 1,000 species that make up the Bamboo family, and they are commonly divided into two groups: runners and clumpers. Runners spread rapidly and farther away from the parent plant, while clumpers grow in a more slowly-expanding tuft. Clumping bamboo tends to be best for planting in residential areas, since it has a slower spread and is easier to control.

A few popular types of Bamboo include:

Black Bamboo Plant: The black canes of the Black Bamboo have a bold presence that strongly contrast its bright green leaves. Perfect as screening plant, the Black Bamboo can grow at a whopping rate of 5 feet per year.

Golden Bamboo Plant: An ideal hedging plant due to its densely growing, fine green leaves, the Golden Bamboo has delicate canes that look great in a pot. When planted, they can reach a height of 20 feet.

Multiplex or Hedge Bamboo: Also a fast grower, the Multiplex Bamboo can easily block out noise from a road, or screen off your patio, thanks to its sprawling green leaves.

Benefits of Bamboo Plants

Bamboo Plants grow amazingly fast, with some varieties growing at a rate of 4 feet per day. That makes them perfect plants to use as screens or hedges along neighboring fences, to block out noise and pollution or to line a pathway or patio. They grow upright and tall, making them great as a screen for taller buildings.

Bamboo's fast growth has other perks, too - they are incredibly efficient at absorbing CO2 and producing O2, so growing Bamboo benefits air quality as well as your landscape.

Bamboo plants are easy growers that need next to no attention to thrive, and their unique look will spice up your garden or patio. Many varieties do equally well in pots, and even make for a great indoor plant.

How to Plant Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants are not fussy growers and can handle a wide variety of conditions. Planting directions for different Bamboo plants will vary, but first, knowing your growing zone is important. After you’ve determined your growing zone, keep sunlight and watering needs for your Bamboo plants in mind. Most Bamboo plants will prefer full sun (6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day) and well-drained soil but ensure you check your tree's specific directions.

Fertilizing and pruning requirements will vary as well, but many of our Bamboo plant varieties do not require pruning.

When you're ready to plant, choose an area with well-drained soil, dig a hole large enough to accommodate the plant's root ball (along with some extra room for mature growth), place your tree and backfill the hole. Finally, water the surrounding soil and mulch to conserve moisture.

How to Prune Bamboo Plants

To control the size of your Bamboo, remove new shoots that are significantly larger in diameter to control the Bamboo's mature height.

However, keep in mind that our Bamboo plants are generally non-invasive and non-aggressive, so extensive pruning or other maintenance isn't necessary.

Upgrade your landscape with Bamboo today!

Bamboos have an exotic look not easily replicated by any other plants. Their fast-growing nature sets them apart as ideal hedging and screening plants - and they help purify the air!

If you’re looking for a fun, fashionable plant that can be placed in a pot or planted in a garden bed, that grows with almost no maintenance, then a Bamboo plant is a great option for you.

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