Tropical Hibiscus Trees

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Red Tropical Hibiscus Tree

Starting at $72.99

Growing Zones: 8-11

Yellow Tropical Hibiscus Tree

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Growing Zones: 8-11

Sold Out Pink Tropical Hibiscus Tree

Growing Zones: 8-11

Sold Out Bloom Bash® Hollywood® Hibiscus

Growing Zones: 9-11

The Tropical Hibiscus or Chinese Hibiscus tree is an evergreen plant with dark green leaves and gorgeous flowers that can bloom year round. It will certainly add a colorful touch to any landscape. This tropical tree requires a small amount of maintenance and takes up very little room.

Do you need to spruce up an unexciting area? The Hibiscus tree will do the job! Its huge vase shaped flowers can reach up to 5 inches wide. That's as big as your hand!

We offer the Hibiscus tree in three different colors. Bring bursts of blooms to your yard with dramatic red, vibrant pink or golden hues of yellow. The red is our most popular shade, but for an added unique sparkle, try the yellow. The yellow flowers have red flecks inside them that make them stand out!

Make this flowering plant a standalone tree or place several of them 2-3 feet apart in a row to produce a stunning hedge. Full sun or partial shade and a little bit of water is all it needs to thrive. The Topical Hibiscus can grow 6-8 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide.

While the Hibiscus tree is adaptable to most climates and soil types, it prefers growing zones 10-11. Don't fret if you don't live in one of these zones! Use a decorative planter instead to bring it indoors during freezing temperatures. That same stunning tree that brought life to your patio can now become an indoor sensation with blooms in spring and summer. When planting these trees in a container, they may not grow to be as big and the size is easily managed with pruning. Either way, this tree will make an impressive impact!

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