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Clematis Vines

Earning top honors as one of the best trailing plants, Clematis is perfectly suited to any garden, large or small, formal or casual, and will add vibrant color and beauty in so many ways. Depending on which variety you choose, vines can mature to heights anywhere from 8-25 feet when permitted, but are typically trimmed and shaped to maintain desired form.

Beginning in early summer and continuing for three whole months, our Jackmanii Clematis takes center stage with its showy blossoms, large, delicately perfumed and flaunting rich velvety shades of violet and purple. With its densely packed foliage, this vine is well suited to fence climbing or producing an effective and decorative privacy screen.

Twice is nice, and that's how many blooming seasons the Niobe Clematis provides. First in mid spring and then again in late summer to early autumn, this stunner will astound you with a bold display of bright magenta flowers, that are fresh and mildly fragrant.

Blooming all summer long, our Henryi Clematis exhibits large beautifully shaped flowers, so bright and snowy white that they pop against a bed of emerald green foliage that is truly lush and rich. Add a bit of elegant romance and style to your outdoor living space by training Henryi to a trellis or arbor. This vine is so hardy and easy to grow; you won't have anything to do but sit back and enjoy the ambiance.

Our most popular, Armandii Clematis is an evergreen climber that's spectacular whether in bloom or not. Early in spring, clusters of creamy white, star-shaped flowers begin to emerge. These gorgeous blooms perfume the air with an exotic fragrance that will entice and excite your senses.

You can see our entire inventory of Clematis and other vines and shrubs online. Let our knowledgeable staff help guide you through your next landscaping project.

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