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Shade Loveing Vines

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Do you have areas in your garden that don't receive much exposure to the sun, and you're stumped about what to plant there? Don't ignore a dark corner because you're unsure of what will survive in low light, simply plant a little something that brings a splash of color and energy.

Clematis Vines show off their versatility and they thrive in the shade, but can also handle a bit of sun as well. Our Jackmanii Clematis flaunts large blossoms in rich shades of violet and purple and will quickly light up a shady spot.

Niobe Clematis boldly displays bright magenta flowers that are fresh and mildly fragrant; while Henryi Clematis exhibits large elegantly shaped flowers that are snowy white and romantic.

Armandii Clematis is an evergreen climber, boasting early spring clusters of creamy white and star-shaped flowers that perfume the air with an exotic fragrance to entice and excite your senses. These are sure to add excitement to a dimly lit area.

English Ivy lends a distinguished air of tradition and splendor to any outdoor living space and is brilliant under shade trees. Hardy and easy to grow, Ivy adapts to most soil types, sun or no sun, and provides a decorative touch wherever there are unsightly areas in need of enhancement. Lush, rich and elegant, this time-honored favorite retains its rightful place at the top of the list of shade-loving vines.

Purple Wisteria is a deciduous vine that grows well in shade or sun, adapts to almost any soil type and is even drought-tolerant. In early spring this trailing vine will be heavily blanketed in cascading, drawn-out clusters of delicate round blooms that are incredibly aromatic and ranging in color from snowy white to pale lavender-blue. Butterflies are very attracted to Wisteria blooms, so keep your binoculars handy.

There's no need to overlook deep or dappled shade areas in your garden. Simply fill them with shade loving Vines and perennials that will happily thrive despite the lack of sunlight.

At Brighter Blooms Nursery, we take pride in delivering well-developed plants that will provide you with countless years of enjoyment. Check out our entire inventory of shade loving vines online today.

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