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Wisteria Vines

Growing Zones: 4-9
Our Price: $17.99
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Growing Zones: 4-9
Our Price: $39.99
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Growing Zones: 5-9
Our Price: $29.99
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Enchanting Wisteria beguiles gardeners with trailing deciduous vines that are heavily blanketed in cascading, drawn-out clusters of delicate round blooms that stimulate the olfactory senses and bestow magnificent beauty and charm.

This flowering vine is not only graceful and picturesque, but versatile and robust. Hardy in zones 4-9, Purple Wisteria vines are easy to grow, adaptable to most any type of soil, deer resistant, drought tolerant and virtually unaffected by disease and pests, so there's never any need for harmful chemical sprays.

This steadfast romantic really turns up the heat when colorful spring blooms excite and arouse all who are fortunate enough to experience the show. Our Wisteria blossoms are available in shades of snowy white to pale lavender-blue, and are incredibly aromatic.

Butterflies are very attracted to Wisteria blooms, so keep your binoculars handy for enhanced viewing pleasure. Wisteria's foliage arrangement adds interest as well, with the glossy immature leaves contributing much of the zing.

Vigorous and fast-growing, Wisteria thrives in full sun to partial shade. Wisteria vines may be grown against a fence, on a trellis or an arbor, or as a canopy for your patio, providing an irresistible vine-shaded retreat. Guests congregating in your outdoor living area will certainly find the Wisteria perfume irresistible. For a different spin on wisteria, try the white wisteria vine.

Late season trimming will increase bloom count for the following spring, and assist in maintaining the desired size of your Wisteria vine. If you're looking for a smaller version, try your hand at one of our Wisteria Trees.

At Brighter Blooms Nursery, we don't offer Wisteria in small containers, like many of our competitors. Instead, we pride ourselves on delivering well-developed plants that will provide you with countless years of enjoyment.

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