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Euonymus Shrubs are really easy to grow and adapt faster following these tips. The Burning Bush Euonymus is great for fall color everywhere, but if you plant it in the shade, it stays green. 

Euonymus Shrubs all do best in full sun. They will adapt to most soils easily. Preparing your planting spot for fast root growth is what you want to do.

Loose soil promotes rapid root growth and faster drought tolerance. Dig the holes for your Burning Bush Euonymus bushes twice as wide and deep as the roots. Use your shovel to shred the ground soil well. Be sure to completely soak the root ball before covering it with soil. To keep the soil loose the first year and really get fast action, mix compost or humus into the soil when planting. 

Give your Dwarf Variegated Euonymus a boost to stop transplant shock. A dose of MiracleGro at planting time really works wonders at perking up a newly installed landscape brush. Repeating the instant feeding every month until fall will make a huge difference in how fast your Euonymus grows. You’ll also want to water it regularly so it’s not struggling to survive. You want to direct all the effort into creating vigorous roots. 

Pruning lightly is best with most of these landscaping shrubs. Greenspire Euonymus won’t require shearing at all for a nice soft shape.

If you want more geometric and formal flair, all Euonymus are shearable. But shearing is work that you don’t have to do with these great landscape plants.

These tips will help you make Euonymus Bushes a low maintenance plant in your yard. If you prefer the once a year fertilizer method, by all means switch over to slow release plant food after the instant booster of MiracleGro. It’s that instant availability that really makes a difference in adapting fast to your soil and climate.