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Sunshine Ligustrum Privet
  • Sunshine Ligustrum Privet
  • Sunshine Ligustrum Privet
  • Sunshine Ligustrum Privet
  • Sunshine Ligustrum Privet
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    Sunshine Ligustrum Privet

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    Sunshine Ligustrum Privet


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    Root Rocket Fertilizer
    Growing Zones: 6-11
    Growing Zones: 6-11
    Mature Height: 3-4 ft.
    Mature Width: 3-4 ft.
    Sunlight: Full Sun
    Spacing: 3-4 ft.
    Botanical: Ligustrum sinense 'Sunshine'
    Cannot Ship to: AZ, LA

    Electrifying Year-Round Vibrant Yellow Foliage

    Yellow Leaves as Bright as the Sun
    The Sunshine Ligustrum brightens up any setting with amazing YELLOW foliage 12 months a year!

    Never resting, this amazing plant provides vibrant hues that seem to actually glow when the sun is shining down on it. Planted in full sun, the compact dwarf shrub comes alive in the summer with an astounding lemon-color radiance.

    As the seasons transition to fall and winter, the Sunshine Ligustrum doesn't resign to cold temperatures like many varieties of shrubs and trees. It shifts to a golden color, filling landscapes with lively cheerfulness against drab, grey surroundings. Often, you'll see a hint of orange on the golden leaves with colder weather.

    Then, as all of nature starts to awaken in the spring, the Sunshine Ligustrum adds more vitality and sparkle than anything around it. Its new growth starts out light green before changing to luminous yellow as the temperatures heat up.

    Non-Invasive Shrub Won't Spread or Overcrowd Your Garden
    The Sunshine is extremely courteous for such a "Show-off." Unlike most privets, it is non-invasive. It's a sterile hybrid that won't reseed into other areas of your landscape – or your neighbor's! It is quickly replacing like-colored bushes such as the Yellow Barberry for this very reason.

    Best Choice for Allergy Sufferers
    When trees, grass and weeds start to flourish in the spring, they release granules into the air that are carried by the breeze. These seed-like particles (pollen) can spread for miles fertilizing other plants along its path. This can wreak havoc on those who are allergic to culprits like ragweed, oak and juniper, causing an allergic reaction as the body's immune system attempts to fight back.

    Because this shrub doesn't flower, and is sterile, it is an ideal plant for anyone who experiences seasonal allergies.

    So Many Options for This Endless Beam of Sunshine
    The Sunshine Ligustrum pairs well with other plants. It will add contrast and depth among a mixed bed or garden. If you're interested in livening up an existing hedge or border, it's an alluring addition to monotonous rows of shrubs.

    Speaking of rows, line these up side-by-side to create a straight or winding path of color along a walkway. This technique lends a cheerful welcome to your guests when defining a path from the driveway to your front door.

    If you're looking to add a little sunshine to your patio or deck, it will thrive in a container. Pot several of them in various containers to spread cheer around the exterior where you can enjoy them via window views. Just make sure they get plenty of sun. The more sun they soak up – the brighter they'll get.

    Prune it, Shape it, or Don't Do a Thing
    Your Sunshine will reach 3 – 4 feet high, and just as wide when left untouched. It grows upright and has a wispy appearance when its branches reach full height. There is no need to break out the shears if that seems like a chore, but if you enjoy trimming and shaping, there are no limits here.

    Some growers will remove the lower branches for a low standard showpiece. You can shape it into a ball shape and even a cubed shape. If you're mass planting, you may prefer to cut them down to 1 foot and use as a clean, defined border.

    Low Maintenance and Long Living
    Your Sunshine Ligustrum will be with you up to 30 years. That's pretty impressive for a plant that doesn't require more than sunshine. It is drought tolerant, deer tolerant and requires no particular soil type or pH.

    It is pollution resistant, so it does exceptionally well in urban areas. If you live in the city and have limited space, this is one plant you'll want to include as part of your patio décor.

    Its sunny every day when you add a little Sunshine! Order this plant now to start enjoying its beauty as soon as its shipped to your door.

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