Give Mom a Lifetime of Blooms on Mother’s Day

Give Mom a Lifetime of Blooms on Mother’s Day

Don’t settle for another boring Mother’s Day bouquet of cut flowers! They’ll soon be forgotten once they begin to wilt a few days later. Surprise her with a lasting perennial rose bush that will be bursting with beautiful fragrant blooms for months on end, year after year.

Mom is guaranteed to experience thousands of blooms over the lifetime of these special hybrid roses that are a breeze to take care of.

Our Knock Out Roses can bloom for up to nine months and present thousands of gorgeous, deliciously sweet-smelling flowers over the life of the bush. This rose bush is compact and perfect for any area of Mom’s garden, and will even exhibit some dramatic fall foliage.

Knock Out Rose Bushes are disease and pest resistant, hardy and adaptable. They’re so easy to grow, they practical take care of themselves. Choose from a variety of colors such as hot pink, snowy white, sunny yellow and ruby red.

Drift Rose Bushes make another excellent choice when it comes to showing Mom how much you love her this Mother’s Day. Drift Rose Bushes are delicate and lovely, super easy to grow and can be used in a variety of ways.

Since it is low-growing, Drift makes superb ground cover and is also perfect for growing in containers or window boxes where it can cascade over the side. Drift Roses come in a variety of brilliant colors and bloom from spring through fall.

The beauty of bestowing a perennial rose bush is that Mom is certain to remember when the gift was given every time she looks at it in her garden. It’s a present that certainly will carry memories and will bring a smile when she sees the bounty of blooms that arrive in an ongoing wave.

All three of these rose varieties are absolutely gorgeous, low maintenance and offer a lifetime of vibrant, vigorous blooms. Your Mom deserves the best, so give her a flowering perennial that will remind her of how much you love her every time she sees it bloom. For Mother’s Day delivery, order yours today.

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