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Boston Ivy

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Growing Zones: 4-8

We offer several varieties of excellent groundcover vines to spread and climb with great vigor.

Variegated Vinca is a delightful evergreen vine, ideal for providing moisture and support in flowerbeds or on slopes where stability for the surrounding soil may be beneficial. The leaves of Vinca are a beautiful bright green color and edged in a creamy white border that adds depth and dimension. This stunning foliage provides an amazing background for the lovely periwinkle blossoms that emerge in early spring, and bloom periodically through late fall.

Taking its rightful place as the elegant time-honored favorite, evergreen English Ivy lends a distinguished air of tradition and splendor to any outdoor living space. Hardy and easy to grow, Ivy enjoys anything from full sun to full shade, is adaptable to most soil types and provides its decorative touch wherever there are unsightly areas in need of enhancement. Ivy will range in color from light to dark green, speckled yellow, silver or even grayish-white with a glossy, leather-like texture.

The benefits of planting ground covers are many, as they help defend your garden against invasive species and troublesome weeds. It also aids in the prevention of soil erosion and even helps keep those essential little earthworms safe from predatory birds. With proper planning, ground cover will complement and enhance the other trees and shrubs in your garden area.

For ornamental purposes, ground cover vines can also be trained to climb a trellis or wire structures to form topiaries. They are easy to care for and can quickly cover an unattractive surface like a wall you might be trying to hide.

Check out our entire inventory of ground cover online. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to help guide you through your next landscaping project.

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