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Fine Line® Buckthorn
  • Growing Zones: 2-7
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    Mature Height: 5-7 ft.
    Mature Width: 2-3 ft.
    Sunlight: Full - Partial
    Spacing: 3-5 ft.
    Botanical: Rhamnus frangula ‘Ron Williams’ FINE LINE®
    Cannot Ship to: AZ
    Plant Size Quart Pots
    This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

    Fine Line® Buckthorn

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    Dare to be Different

    If you want unusual plants for your yard – unlike the cookie-cutter landscape shrubs that dot your neighborhood – put Fine Line Buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula ‘Ron Williams’ FINE LINE®) at the top of your list. With an artistic flair, Fine Line Buckthorn softens the stark lines of hardscapes and adds movement to otherwise static landscapes. These upright shrubs with ferny foliage contrast beautifully with broadleaf plants while their size fits any size yard.

    A Thornless Buckthorn
    Don’t be misled by the “thorn” in Fine Line Buckthorn’s common name. Buckthorn plants are so-named because the original species plants do bear thorns. But Fine Line Buckthorn is a thornless cultivar. It’s also a non-invasive improvement over the original species, so you can plant it responsibly without worrying that it will become invasive or weedy.

    Fine Leaves and Feathery Texture
    A columnar plant, Fine Line Buckthorn grows slightly taller than it is wide -- typically reaching a height of 5 to 7 feet with a 2- to 3-foot width. This shrub works beautifully as a:

    • Cold-tolerant shrub. Extremely cold-hardy, Fine Line Buckthorn withstands winter temperatures to USDA plant hardiness zone 2.

    • Small-scale vertical accent. If you have a townhome, narrow entry or a small urban lot, Fine Line Buckthorn adds height without overwhelming a smaller landscape.

    • Back-of-the-border plant. To add definition to an annual or perennial garden, plant Fine Line Buckthorn shrubs as a background plant for smaller flowering or foliage plants.

    • Deciduous green screen. When you need a seasonal privacy screen instead of a large evergreen hedge, multiple Fine Line Buckthorn shrubs grow into columns of green foliage that turn brilliant yellow in fall. • Container plant. Easily grown in pots, Fine Line Buckthorn can be planted as a single specimen or as a tall accent in a mixed-planting container.

    An Easy Shrub to Grow
    Fine Line Buckthorn grows in any type of soil, as long as the soil drains well. After planting, keep the plants well-watered so the developing root systems become firmly established. Mature plants are drought-tolerant. Apply a slow-release fertilizer in early spring that’s formulated for shrubs, and follow all label directions. If you live in a rural area, be sure to add Fine Line Buckthorn to your landscape design because it’s a deer-tolerant shrub!

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