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Meyer Spruce
  • Meyer Spruce

    Meyer Spruce
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    Growing Zones: 3-8
    Mature Height: 40 ft.
    Mature Width: 30 ft.
    Sunlight: Full Sun
    Spacing: 30 ft.
    Botanical: Picea meyeri
    Cannot Ship to: AZ

    New Blue Evergreen Grows Almost Anywhere!

    Meyer Spruce (Picea meyeri) adds architectural structure with a colorful touch to your landscape. In a yard filled with traditionally green plants, the bluish-green needled foliage of Meyer Spruce is a real standout. Whether you view it up close or from a distance, the pyramidal shape of this blue evergreen is a striking addition to your landscape design. But its best-kept secret goes beyond its beauty- it's remarkably disease-resistant!

    Cool Blue Color without the Hassle
    There are other blue-toned spruce trees, but they are often riddled with problems. They get diseases, and they don't grow down south. The Meyer Spruce is recommended as a replacement for other blue-needled spruces because of its:

    Disease Resistance: Spruce trees are notoriously susceptible to diseases, which can infect the needles, stems, and roots. Meyer Spruce is more resilient than other types of spruces to these diseases.

    Heat Tolerance: Grows further south than other blue spruces. The Meyer Spruce grows down to zone 8- as far south as Florida!

    Urban Air Tolerance: Trees in city environments are subjected to air pollution, which adversely affects their health. Meyer Spruce is highly tolerant of compromised air quality.

    Adaptability: Although spruce trees are typically associated with cold climates, Meyer Spruce prospers even in the warmer regions of its perennial range. It is also adaptable to different types of soils, as long as the roots have good drainage. Once it's established, it is tolerant of short periods of drought.

    Offers Design Options
    Meyer Spruce is certainly a focal point in any landscape as a single specimen tree. But its impact is multiplied when you plant a row of trees as a green screen to block undesirable views. It can also define your property lines when planted as a living fence. And if you want privacy, it serves dual-duty as a privacy hedge and a buffer for wind and noise.

    Excels as a Living Christmas Tree
    If you've ever admired beautifully decorated and brightly lit living landscape trees during the holidays, you may have wanted one in your yard, too. Plant a Meyer Spruce tree in your front yard, and you can decorate it to your heart's content at Christmas time! The foliage is soft, so you won't have to contend with pin-sharp needles as you string lights and hang decorations. Or if you prefer, you can decorate your Meyer Spruce tree with holiday bird treats by stringing popcorn and berries through the branches!

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