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Phenomenal Lavender
  • Phenomenal Lavender
  • Phenomenal Lavender
  • Phenomenal Lavender
  • Phenomenal Lavender
  • Phenomenal Lavender

    4.15 out of 5
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    Growing Zones: 5-9
    Mature Height: 1-3 ft.
    Mature Width: 1-3 ft.
    Sunlight: Full Sun
    Blooms: Mid-Summer
    Spacing: 3 ft.
    Botanical: Lavandula intermedia 'Phenomenal'
    Cannot Ship to: AZ
    Plant Size Quart Pots

    The Toughest Lavender Plant

    The Phenomenal Lavender is the only variety that...
    • resists both hot summers and tough winters
    • refuses to die back during the winter
    • stands up against most diseases that kill other varieties
    • repels deer
    • one of the most fragrant lavender varieties

    The Phenomenal Lavender puts the fun back in growing lavender plants. It stands tough against all the elements that took the fun out of growing other varieties.

    Named a "Must Grow" by Better Homes and Gardens
    It is particularly tough and able to withstand hot, dry environments. It's even unaffected by cold, heat, deer, mildew, pests, rabbits, humidity, disease, and crown rot. This plant's resilience makes it a perfect choice for gardens of all sizes and varieties.

    Looks Great in Any Garden
    Phenomenal Lavender is versatile and has many different uses. It attracts butterflies and works well as the focal point of any garden. Grows three feet tall and three feet wide. It grows year round and can be used fresh, dried and even as an essential oil.

    Fresh Aroma and Signature Blue-Purple Flowers
    It harbors the signature purplish-blue flowers of lavender, as well as the aroma. It is a good choice to boost the aesthetic value of the garden. The Phenomenal Lavender blooms in mid-summer and can be grown in clay soil, loam soil, sandy soil, or dry soil, though it thrives best with soil that drains well. The silvery-green leaves can be used in cooking and also has several medicinal uses. It does need exposure to the sun to flourish.

    Thrives on Neglect!
    Be careful not to water too much, as it is made to handle extreme conditions. This beautiful plant also mixes well with other plants so it is the perfect addition to any garden or landscaping project as the focal point or as a filler between other plants and flowers. The lavender scent is known to have relaxing properties for people of all ages. When used as a tea, it is a great way to enjoy the taste and fragrance at the same time.

    Repels Insects!
    Put these plants anywhere you want to repel bugs- mosquitoes, flies, fleas and ticks all stay away from lavender plants. Pot them up and put them around your patio or living spaces for a fragrant insect repellent!

    Customer Reviews

    Rated 4.2 out of 5 based on 30 reviews

    William Danner III  

    July 18, 2017

    The first three died within the week. The replacements were messed up in shipping and are dying. I am in south Florida so maybe the heat is an issue.

    Richard Roth  

    July 3, 2017

    Plants looked great, bought the last 3 in stock, thought they would be small almost dead, but they looked fantastic.

    Nathan Thomas  

    June 22, 2017

    Only received 6 of the 10 ordered. and some were basically dead upon receipt.

    Davie F  

    June 20, 2017

    Did not get the product after 2 weeks and 4 phone calls.


    June 14, 2017

    plants look a bit small but in good shape

    Michael Ortiz  

    June 11, 2017

    The plants took right away and are starting to bloom

    Leslie Johnson  

    June 7, 2017

    Plants arrived in good condition and show no bad effects after planting. to early to tell if they will look like the picture.

    Colleen Maguire  

    June 7, 2017

    To soon to tell were in good condition when I got them


    June 4, 2017

    The plant is healthy and beautiful. We look forward to enjoying it.

    Bhupesh Patel  

    May 28, 2017

    Of the two plants ordered I received one in healthy condition whereas the second one was in very poor condition and I found that it was over watered. The plant is dying as all the roots are rotted. I feel that this one plant shall be replaced without any charge to me.

    Karen Smith  

    May 26, 2017

    They were happy and health when we received them. I just hope they will not winter kill on us.

    Sol From Zone 7  

    May 22, 2017

    Healthy looking plants. Not yet planted, will update growth info.

    Tom Housh  

    May 22, 2017

    Its to early to tell,we just received the shipment last week...

    Darinella Dorsey  

    May 14, 2017

    It looked and smelled wonderful.

    Meredith Ward  

    May 13, 2017

    The lavender arrived quickly, was packaged very well and looks fantastic!

    Jonathan Silva  

    May 10, 2017

    very small plant. looks very healthy

    Vincent G  

    May 10, 2017

    Looks like it will be a very nice plant once it recovers from the shipping

    Robert Jimenez  

    May 9, 2017

    The best customer service. I purchased over 200.00 of plants. I received 25% discount plus free federal express shipping. The plants will arrive in two days. Just in time for gardening. I have purchased from them in the pass and must state how satisfied I am with their packaging and superb plants again the best quality of plants compared to other nursery.

    Heidi Levy  

    May 8, 2017

    Fragrant dense bush. Not many flowers the first year, but survived winter well.


    May 6, 2017

    I read that lavender keeps mosquitos away. I plan on planting in garden by my deck. I hope it works.

    Sandy Brock  

    May 5, 2017

    These look pretty good, they are too young to know how they will perform.

    Elizabeth Cook  

    April 30, 2017

    Love the texture and the fabulous aroma of these. They had flattened from the journey here but after just one night of watering and rest have gone right back to being 3D and all smiles! They will grace a side bed and be interspersed with Summer Love Agastaches.

    Barbara J Whiteman  

    April 19, 2017

    Followed instructions for planting. Hoping for success.

    Deanna Wahlman  

    April 16, 2017

    Can't wait to plant them.

    Donna BubbCustomer  

    April 8, 2017

    Good, healthy plants that look like they will do well out here in the desert, very useful and helpful planting instructions included online.

    Kathy - Central FL  

    August 30, 2016

    I am waiting for these babies to be back in stock ! Lavender is the BEST natural way to repel slugs ! I had a problem with banana slugs in my garden until I found out about this. Really works ! I also planted one by my tomato plants.


    August 30, 2016

    These flowers arrived without blooms, but even the green parts are very fragrant. Overall, good plant, but the packaging was terrible, and FedEx beat the crap out of them, so unfortuately they died. Bummer. They smelled soooo good though.


    August 30, 2016

    Very fragrant, and looks good even when it isn't blooming.

    Marty Hunt  

    August 23, 2016

    Same as before........healthy plant packed very carefully.


    March 22, 2016

    The color and perfum is beautiful

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