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At Last® Rose

At Last® Rose

At Last® Rose
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Product Details

Growing Zones: 5-9 outdoors

(hardy down to -10℉) 
      5-9 outdoors
   Map 5-9 outdoors
Mature Height:
2-3 ft.
Mature Width:
2-3 ft.
Full Sun
2-3 ft.
Growth Rate:
up to 2 ft.
Botanical Name:
Rosa x
Does Not Ship To:

Product Description

At Last... A Care Free, Fragrant Rose Bush!

In recent years, plant breeders have introduced "new" and "improved" roses with bigger flowers, brighter colors and longer-lasting blooms. But sometimes these qualities have been prioritized at the expense of losing one of the signature traits of roses -- their unmistakable fragrance. Until now, that is; when a modern-day rose meets old-world charm. The At Last Rose (Rosa x 'HORCOGJIL' At Last®) fulfills its name -- at last you can grow sweetly scented roses with the added bonuses of striking color, vigorous growth and disease-resistance. You will not be satisfied with only one At Last Rose in your garden, so order more while they're available!

Stunning Flowers
At Last Rose's intoxicating fragrance is rivaled only by its strikingly beautiful flowers. Various shades of coral combine in a glorious masterpiece of color, reminiscent of the warm hues of sunset. Clusters of fully double blooms, each flower packed with petals, unfurl against glossy, dark-green leaves. The flowers resemble tea roses, but At Last Rose shrubs are not grafted like tea roses; they grow on their own roots. The blooms are formed in clusters like floribunda roses, on plants that are more accurately categorized as landscape roses.

When you order At Last Roses, you'll be able to strike something off your future maintenance list before your plants even arrive. You won't have to spray for diseases!

If you've ever grown roses, you know how susceptible they are to disease pathogens, particularly black spot and powdery mildew. Other types of roses require an intensive spraying regimen, sometimes twice a month, just to keep these problems under control. But even with chemical treatments, the diseases often win. And this may even be the reason why you've given up trying to grow beautiful roses. Now you can put away the chemicals and enjoy being the envy of your neighbors as you effortlessly grow At Last Roses!

What is a Self-Cleaning Rose?
Simply put, it's a type of rose that does its own "housekeeping" by not needing you to remove the spent flowers '– called deadheading '– to keep the plant blooming. Many roses simply stop blooming if the faded flowers are not removed to make way for new buds, but At Last Rose keeps producing new blossoms with no deadheading needed! This self-cleaning rose blooms continuously from late spring/early summer through fall.

A Proven Winner! 2016 National Champion
At Last Rose was the 2016 National Champion in the Shrub Madness competition, sponsored by Proven Winners. Pitted against 63 other "best of the best" shrubs, At Last Rose advanced through six rounds of competition to emerge as the winner. This is particularly significant because the voters were gardeners like you -- not horticulturists or nursery owners or other industry professionals. At Last Rose was trialed in home gardens like yours across the United States and Canada, which means it was tested in different climates, soils and growing conditions. When you order this award-winning rose as the newest addition to your garden, you'll be joining other gardeners who laud its superior merits!

Garden Design with Roses
Whether you're planning a new rose garden or ordering At Last Rose to add to your existing roses, be sure to feature this plant front and center. You can plant At Last Rose on both sides of a white-picket fence for a true cottage-garden look. Install a mass planting of At Last Roses along both sides of your yard to define your yard's borders with a breathtaking display of continuously blooming flowers. Enhance the wildlife habitat in your yard by planting At Last Rose to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. As a touching tribute to a loved one, plant At Last Rose as the centerpiece to a memorial garden.

Plant in a Container to Stay Close to the Aroma and Beauty
Do you know that At Last Rose makes a superior container plant? Create an elegant entrance to your home by planting At Last Roses in ornate urns on both sides of the walkway leading to your front door. If you have a courtyard garden, place a container with At Last Rose at the center of the garden as well as placing containers at strategic focal points. Place four large pots, each containing an At Last Rose shrub, at the corners of your patio and enjoy the heavenly fragrance as you sit and unwind from the cares of the day.

Tip: Use high-quality soil-less potting mix to fill containers instead of garden soil, which can become heavy and compacted in pots.

Convenient and Cost Saving Interior Decor
If you like to bring your fresh flowers inside to arrange in vases, At Last Rose is a must-have for your cutting garden. Because the blooms are arranged in clusters, a single stem yields an entire bouquet for a vase! Cut short stems for rounded flower-bowl arrangements on your dining-room table, or place long stems in tall vases for your mantel or foyer table. Don't forget to dress the table beside your favorite chair and your bedroom vanity with fragrant bouquets.

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