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Red Flowering Quince
Growing Zones: 4-9
What's my zone?
Mature Height: 3-9 ft.
Mature Width: 3-9 ft.
Sunlight: Full Sun
Blooms: Early Spring
Spacing: 4-10 ft.
Botanical: Cydonia Japonica Rubra
Cannot Ship to: AZ
This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

Red Flowering Quince

Red Flowering Quince
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A Burst of Scarlet in Spring

The brilliant colors of the Red Quince arrive in both the spring and the fall. A burst of scarlet in the springtime is followed by a display of either red or yellow in the fall. In between, it's a hardy and drought-tolerant shrub that makes a deep green, densely branched backdrop for your brightly colored spring and summer blooms.

The uniquely red spring flowers are beautiful and fragrant, scenting your yard or your home with their perfume. The long branches make a stunning indoor arrangement. They can be brought inside after blooming for a sweet-smelling treat or forced before their typical early spring blooming season for a late winter taste of spring.

The scarlet shade of these blooms in unusual for a spring bloomer. It really stands out among the more common yellows and pinks. As summer comes, it becomes a dark green, glossy-leafed backdrop to your brilliant summer blossoms. In the fall it once again transforms into a show-stopper with a display of either flaming red or glowing yellow autumn leaves. You get a full three seasons of interest from one hardy shrub.

To get the best seasonal displays in both spring and fall, you should plant your Red Quince in full sun. It will tolerate a little light shade as well and still bloom but the flowers will be most plentiful in full sun. That dry, sun-drenched section of your yard that you find so hard to plant is perfect for Red Quince.

Red Quince is hardy from zone 4 through 9. It's a tough shrub that will adapt in many soil conditions, including heavy clay. It's drought tolerant, actually preferring to stay a little on the dry side to prevent fungal growth.

This isn't a tiny shrub. It can grow from a moderate 3 feet up to a tall 9 feet with an equal spread. You'll need to give them some room to spread, at least 4 to 10 feet depending on the cultivar you choose. Air circulation is important to keep mildew and fungi from forming on the shiny leaves.

Red Quince is a good backdrop for a garden bed. It can also be planted along your property line for a blooming border with autumn appeal. You won't have to worry much about foraging deer. Red Quince isn't very appealing to them so it's not often severely damaged by deer.

You are sure to find this attractive shrub appealing, even if the local deer don't. Its fragrant flowers and fall foliage will captivate your senses.

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