Leyland Cypress Trees

Leyland Cypress Trees
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Product Details

Growing Zones: 6-10 outdoors

(hardy down to 0℉) 
      6-10 outdoors
   Map 6-10 outdoors
Mature Height:
40-60 ft.
Mature Width:
20-25 ft.
Full to Partial Sun
10 ft.
Growth Rate:
3-4 ft.
Botanical Name:
Cupressocyparis leylandii
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Product Description

The Gold Standard of Fast-Growing Privacy Evergreens

With an annual growth rate that can exceed 4 feet each year, the Leyland Cypress is the cream of the crop when it comes to evergreens. This fast-growing cultivar is the go-to choice for creating a dense privacy screen, as it rises majestically to form a natural pyramidal shape.

And its commanding presence is second to none. Although their first year's growth will be slower as they begin to develop strong root systems, you can see measurable growth their first growing season and skyrocketing growth in subsequent years.

Dense foliage is another huge benefit of the Leyland Cypress. You don't just want fast growth from a privacy screen; you also want thick growth. Leyland Cypress boasts this winning combination and more. Your young trees will look thinner, but give them time to fill in - you won't be disappointed.

How did the Leyland Cypress rise the ranks? It features the best traits of two plants for a superior tree. For more than 130 years, the tried-and-true qualities of the Leyland Cypress have been the result of its parentage. It merges the best qualities of its two parent trees:

1. Fast growth and sturdy branching from its Monterey Cypress parent.
2. Beautiful foliage plus a pyramidal habit from its Alaska False cypress parent.

But without question, the Leyland Cypress Tree's most valuable quality is the fact that it's a living privacy fence. A row of Leyland Cypress Trees defines property lines as a living fence. You may live where municipal codes or HOA restrictions prevent the construction of a fence over a certain height. But if you plant Leyland Cypress Trees instead of fencing, the trees will exceed the restricted height of other fencing materials - without breaking the rules. Leyland Cypress trees also provide a sound and windbreak buffer, which is perfect if you live on a noisy street or at a busy intersection.

Even better? It grows naturally into the perfect shape. If prefer low maintenance, you'll love Leyland Cypress! Its natural growth needs no pruning whatsoever to maintain its perfect shape. But if you want to plant multiple trees in a row to form a hedge, they respond quite favorably to pruning. Because each tree grows so quickly, you'll need to shape them every year by trimming them in late winter.

Another perk of the Leyland Cypress is its scratch-free, light and feathery foliage. The Leyland Cypress Tree has needle-like leaves, but they are not sharply pointed. Its branches bear flattened sprays of soft-to-the-touch foliage, so you and your family (pets, too) will remain scratch-free if you brush up against the leaves. The rich green hue of the evergreen foliage is complemented by a slightly bluish-gray cast, so each tree provides year-round color to enliven your landscape, even in the dead of winter.

Whether you're planting for privacy or trimming greenery to make garlands at the holidays, the Leyland Cypress Tree is the picture of versatility. This elegant tree ticks all the boxes of luxuriant landscape style, with low-maintenance and lush greenery to boot. Order your Leyland Cypress Tree today!

Planting and Caring for the Leyland Cypress: Why is Proper Spacing Important?
When properly planted and cared for correctly, the Leyland Cypress is an outstanding tree that adds value to your landscape. But proper spacing is vital to your Leyland's success. Fungal diseases thrive in moist conditions, so if you space your trees too closely, the foliage cannot adequately dry. This is especially true in humid climates, such as in the South, where Leyland Cypress trees thrive, but where it's even more important to space them correctly. It's hard to imagine that the cute little trees you plant will quickly grow into landscape giants, but that's exactly what they'll do! So, plant them with their mature size in mind, and space them accordingly.

Although spacing trees too closely may be the most common error in planting Leyland Cypress trees, it's also the easiest to fix. For their optimal health, plant each tree no closer than 10 feet from the next tree in a row. At first, this won't look very balanced, but remember that each tree will reach a mature width of 15-25 feet, which means the branch tips will not only touch but will overlap to form the solid privacy screen you want. With their mature size in mind, plant trees no closer than 25 feet from your home, other structures, overhead power lines, or other Leyland Cypress trees in a parallel row.

Keep Your Leyland Cypress Healthy: Horticulturists, extension agents, and plant disease specialists overwhelmingly agree that most of the disease-susceptibility problems that Leyland Cypress Trees face are avoidable. Keep your trees healthy by following these other tips:

Full sun: All-day sun is the way to go when selecting a site for Leyland Cypress trees. Shaded sites cause trees to be stunted or to have spindly growth and, more importantly, shady locations do not allow the foliage to dry quickly enough after it rains.

Loose soil: Leyland Cypress Trees are quite adaptable, but they don't tolerate water-retaining or poorly-drained soil. Waterlogged soil can cause root rot, another fungal disease that can damage or kill these trees.

No overhead irrigation: You can't control the amount of rainfall your trees receive, but you can control any supplemental irrigation amounts. Overhead irrigation, including sprinkler systems, directs water at the foliage instead of at the root zone. This keeps the foliage wet and promotes fungal diseases. So, direct your sprinkler heads away from your Leyland Cypress trees, which will keep them healthier.

Three Planting Tips for Success: Because Leyland Cypress trees grow so large, you may need to tweak the planting directions you'd use for other landscape plants. Other than spacing the trees properly, here are our three best planting tips:

1. Prepare the site: Instead of digging a hole that's three times the width of the root ball, which is recommended for other landscape plants, loosen the soil in a 6-foot-wide circle for each Leyland Cypress Tree you're planting. If you're spacing trees in a row as a privacy screen, it's usually easier to loosen the soil along the entire row instead of making individual holes. Using a tiller makes easier work of preparing the soil than using a shovel!

2. Water trees well: During the growing season after you plant Leyland Cypress trees, give each tree 1 gallon of water per 1 foot of height each week, particularly during the spring and summer. This extra watering and the work of loosening the soil in a wide circle around each tree are key to helping the root system become established. This helps it provide a strong anchor for the large, mature growth of these trees.

3. Apply fertilizer sparingly: You should only fertilize Leyland Cypress Trees when you plant them, and a soil test will confirm the need for fertilizer. If you continue to fertilize your trees in subsequent years, the foliage will benefit but the root systems will not. In other words, excessive top growth will become too difficult for the root systems to maintain, and your trees will suffer as a result.

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