Top 5 Perfect Perennials for Easter Gifts

Top 5 Perfect Perennials for Easter Gifts

Don’t bother with a floral bouquet that will die in a week, or the clichéd go-tos. Instead, give the gift of a flowering perennial that will continue to delight. Check out these flowering perennials that burst with flowers…every year!

Knock Out Roses: Why would you give a bunch of cut roses when you know they won’t last long? For the same cost of a pricey bouquet, you can give a pot of our award winning Knock Out Roses that will persistently bloom year after year with little effort. Choose from Double Red and Double Pink Knock Out, sure to bring a massive pop of color in anyone’s garden. You can even choose white or yellow varieties, too.

Caradonna Salvia: Blooming from June through October every year, this Salvia is guaranteed to bring a wave of butterflies to any landscape. Wrap a bow around Caradonna and give it to your favorite nature lover, who will be enchanted by the hummingbirds that will come for a visit. 

Clematis: Massive blooms take over these climbing vines, and they can easily be trained to scale most any trellis or mailbox for a cheery and welcoming sight. These perennials are truly not fussy and are very easy to for anyone to grow. Armandii Clematis happens to be evergreen in most zones, and has gorgeous white flowers. Jackmanii can handle shade and still send out three months worth of purple blossoms, while Henryii will enchant with blooms the entire summer.

Rosemary: If you’ve got an aspiring chef on your Easter gift list, then Rosemary is the herb plant that will certainly fit the bill. This fragrant beauty can even be grown on a sunny kitchen window sill and does not require lots of water to keep it happy. Whenever a sprig of Rosemary is needed for a recipe, simply snip it off with a sharp scissor and sprinkle it into any meal. 

Lily: If you want to stick with tradition and gift a Lily, why not try something a bit more unusual than the expected white Easter Lily? Our Lily of the Nile comes in white, purple or blue and is truly a unique specimen. This perennial is extremely tough, plus drought and heat resistant. It can very easily be put into a pot and be brought indoors in winter. 

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