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Crocus bulbs are low growing flowers that bloom at the first sight of spring! These colorful flowers have even been spotted poking out through snow covered flower beds.

Thriving practically anywhere in the country, these bulbs require little to no maintenance. Crocuses also do their best in full sun or partial shade. They prefer well-drained soil, so choose an area where water doesn't puddle up.

Add ground color around trees or in front of hedges by planting a row of Crocus bulbs. You can even put them in decorative containers! Either way, these versatile plants will put on a show!

There are several different varieties of the Crocus bulb. Most bloom in the early spring, and some bloom in the fall. Depending on the variety, blooming will occur at different times to extend the bloom season.

This perennial is part of the Iris family, with its cup-shaped flowers and grass like leaves. When you plant the Crocus bulbs, get ready for a lifetime of colorful blooms. These 2-4 inch tall flowering plants will come back year after year!
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