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Holly Shrubs

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Holly trees are hugely popular for their easy growing and versatile uses. You can use hollies to as a single specimen evergreen tree. The holly makes an excellent tree for framing the corners of your home. The holly is definitely a great screening tree for low maintenance privacy plantings.

The Nellie Stevens Holly has great pest and disease resistance. The lovely pyramid shape that makes Nellie a favorite in landscapes across the country. In colder climates, the American Holly adds glowing foliage not found in other evergreen trees that do well in these regions. No matter where you live, we have the perfect holly tree for you.

You will get the best results when you plant hollies with established, vigorous root systems. Brighter Blooms actually holds all plants in the nursery up to 1-year longer than other nurseries just for this reason. Your holly trees will arrive ready to plant and watch them grow.

Unbelievably hardy and versatile, holly shrubs are one of the few plants that can be grown in all 50 states. Hollies offer a lot of bang for your buck in the landscape, and make excellent foundation plants that you can arrange an entire garden around.

Thick, glossy leaves and berries are common in these species that can either be evergreen or deciduous depending on the variety you choose. They are low maintenance and can easily be sheared to any desired height or shape to fit your garden needs.

Holly Shrubs are invaluable in the garden because they are extremely low maintenance and will thrive in full sun to shade. They make terrific specimen shrubs that can stand on their own, or they can be grouped into a stunning hedge as well (like the Nellie Stevens Holly or American Holly).

Their knack for surviving in poor soils makes them practical for problem areas where it might be difficult to get other things to grow. Giving Holly an annual dose of fertilizer is all that's needed to keep it looking beautiful and healthy. It is nearly impossible to kill a Holly!

Holly are generally deer, pest and disease resistant. Plus, they do not require heaps of water once established which makes it a beneficial shrub in areas that can be prone to spells of drought. Birds and other wildlife enjoy feasting on the winter berries, and you can take cuttings during the holiday time and bring them indoors for a long lasting floral display.

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