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Lilac Bushes

Growing Zones: 3-7
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Growing Zones: 3-7
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Growing Zones: 3-7
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Imagine a Landscape Filled with the Beauty and Fragrance of Lilac Shrubs!

The lilac has long been a sought after plant, not only for its abundance of colorful blooms, but for its unforgettably sweet fragrance. In the hustle and bustle of the world today, we don't always make the time to slow down and appreciate nature's gifts to us. However, the lilac almost makes time stand still with its timeless beauty. Many find that its heavenly fragrance is certainly a welcome reminder to stop and smell the flowers!

A great plant choice for gardeners new and old!

Our selection of lilac shrubs provides you with rich color and a fragrance that may just whisk you away to another dimension. If you are interested in a durable plant with a longer blooming season, the Miss Kim Lilac or the Bloomerang Purple Lilac may be just what you're after. Miss Kim's blooming period starts with deep pink to purple blooms that mature to icy blue and then to a burgundy in the fall, giving you color the entire season. However, Bloomerang Purple will bloom time and time again to keep your growing season colorful and fragrant.

These monster Lilac shrubs truly titillate the senses!

For those who are interested in focusing their landscape around the lovely lilac shrub, these plants will definitely command attention. The Purple Lilac is the most common, but being the true vision of beauty that it is, why would it not be? Reaching to heights of 15 feet and spreads of 12 feet in width, this lilac can easily become the central focus of your landscape in no time.

The White Lilac certainly has the ability to take center stage in any landscape. With heights of up to 10 feet and spreads up to 7 feet in width, this plant’s pure white blooms are the most fragrant of them all!

The Lilac is famous for its beautiful flower clusters and heavenly fragrance! Often planted as a showpiece, the Lilac can also be utilized as a practical but gorgeous privacy screen. Choose between traditional lavender and striking white! We carry Lilac in larger sizes than most nurseries. This way, you get the benefits of your lilac without having to wait years!

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