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Sold Out Giant Fuyu Persimmon Tree

Growing Zones: 7-11

Sold Out Lemon-Lime Citrus Tree

Growing Zones: 8-11

Sold Out Strawberry Tree
Strawberry Tree

Sold Out

Growing Zones: 7-9

Sold Out Marina Strawberry Tree

Growing Zones: 7-10

Sold Out Meyer Lemon Gift Tree

Growing Zones: Indoors

Sold Out Key Lime Gift Tree

Growing Zones: Indoors

Sold Out Arabica Coffee Gift Plant

Growing Zones: Indoors

Sold Out Golden Raspberry Plant

Growing Zones: 4-9

Sold Out Surecrop Nectarine Tree

Growing Zones: 5-9

Sold Out Italian Olive Tree

Growing Zones: 4-11

Sold Out Gravenstein Apple Tree

Growing Zones: 4-9

Sold Out Eureka Lemon Tree

Growing Zones: 3-11

Fruit trees, apple tree with fruit

Fresh fruit, right from your backyard.

Get the promise of delicious fruit, grown right from your home. Our Fruit Trees & Bushes can be planted in your garden, backyard, or even in a container. So, no matter where you live, you can grow these delicious varieties with ease.

How to Plant Fruit Trees & Bushes

Specific directions will vary, based on the Fruit Trees and & Bushes you've purchased, but all must be grown in the correct growing zones. After you’ve determined your growing zone, the next step is determining sunlight and watering needs.

However, the planting process is generally the same across most varieties. For your Fruit Trees & Bushes, find an area with well-drained soil, dig a hole large enough to accommodate the tree’s root ball (with a bit of extra space for growing), place your tree and backfill the soil into the hole. After you're done, water the area to settle the tree’s roots and mulch to conserve moisture.

When to Plant Fruit Trees & Bushes

We recommend planting in early spring or fall; however, you can container-plant your selections almost any time of the year, especially if you keep them on your patio or move them indoors during chilly weather.

How Far Apart to Plant Fruit Trees?

Spacing and Pollination Tips

Spacing will depend on your trees' mature size and pollination information. If your Fruit Trees are container-planted, they usually won’t reach their full mature height and width. If you’re planting outside and have a tree that exceeds 10 feet in height at maturity, simply ensure you've planted it away from structures.

Regarding pollination, many of our Fruit Trees & Bushes are self-fertile, but you’ll generally have bigger harvests by planting more than one tree. For our Fruit Trees & Bushes that need a cross-pollinator, we’ve recommended the best pollination partners on the product page.

When to Prune Fruit Trees and Harvest

Prune your Fruit Trees & Bushes in their dormant seasons – this will typically be in the fall and winter seasons. At that point, you can remove diseased or broken branches, suckers, and most competing branches. Ensure you’re making your cuts with a clean, sterilized pair of shears for best results.

When it comes to harvesting, different fruit varieties will ripen in different seasons, but here are harvest times for our most popular selections:

Fruit Tree Harvesting Calendar Times

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