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Quaking Aspen
  • Quaking Aspen
  • Growing Zones: 2-6
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    Mature Height: 40-50 ft.
    Mature Width: 20-25 ft.
    Sunlight: Full-Partial
    Spacing: 15-20 ft.
    Botanical: Populus temuloides
    Cannot Ship to: AZ
    This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

    Quaking Aspen

    Quaking Aspen
    • 3-4 ft.
    • 4-5 ft.
    • 5-6 ft.
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    Fast Growing with Incredible Color

    This slender, soaring tree grows very quickly, lending shade and beauty to your yard with minimal care.

    A quivering beauty in summer breezes

    Listen for the rustle of the Quaking Aspen's leaves on hot summer afternoons - it's the first sign of a cooling breeze on the way.

    The flattened petioles supporting the Quaking Aspen's round, bright-green leaves are responsible for the tree's name. In the slightest breath of wind, the leaves begin to twist and shake, giving the tree a distinctive shimmering appearance.

    Amazing golden fall color

    The Quaking Aspen makes a splash with its wonderful warm, golden fall color. Once the leaves have dropped for winter, the stark beauty of the tree's simple, soaring shape is revealed. The Quaking Aspen grows tall and straight, tending to lose lower limbs as it matures. The bark is a lovely pale gray, with black marks and scars adding interest.

    A tough tree for cold Northern winters

    This American native is a true Northerner: it thrives on cold winters and short summers. It's hardy in a range of conditions, though.

    Fast-growing and easy to establish

    Choose a spot where your Quaking Aspen will have full sun and plenty of room to grow. It's easy to establish, and mature trees can reach eighty feet in height! Aspens propagate by sending out root sprouts, so left untended, a small grove will quickly spring up. If you'd prefer to keep your Quaking Aspen a single specimen, simply snap off these sprouts as they appear.

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