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Bloom-A-Thon® Lavender Azalea
  • Bloom-A-Thon® Lavender Azalea
  • Bloom-A-Thon® Lavender Azalea
  • Bloom-A-Thon® Lavender Azalea
  • Bloom-A-Thon® Lavender Azalea
  • Growing Zones: 6-9
    What's my zone?
    Mature Height: 3-4 ft.
    Mature Width: 3-4 ft.
    Sunlight: Full - Partial
    Spacing: 3-4 ft.
    Botanical: Rhododendron 'Lavender Bloom-A-Thon®’
    Cannot Ship to: AZ
    This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

    Bloom-A-Thon® Lavender Azalea

    Bloom-A-Thon® Lavender Azalea
    • 1 Gallon
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    Stays Purple Almost All Year Long!

    • Purple blooms in spring, summer and fall- enjoy color all year
    • Low maintenance- popular for gardeners who want the color without the work
    • Disease resistant, cold hardy and heat tolerant
    • Evergreen with year round appeal

    Introduced in 2012, the Bloom-A-Thon® has since taken the botanical world by storm. And who can resist? Blankets of purple and lavender blooms last throughout the growing season, giving your garden much needed colors even during the heat of summer! Plus, its evergreen look gives it appeal even in the grays of winter.

    Perfect in the Garden or a Container
    The landscape potential for the Bloom-A-Thon® Lavender Reblooming Azalea is endless. Since the azalea is classified as a bush, you can create the most colorful hedge on the block. If you're cramped for space or live north of zone 6, you can put the Bloom-a-thon in a container, and it will thrive as well as it does in the ground. You can even move it inside in the winter, and then back out in the spring for a new season of never-ending blooms!

    Fuss Free
    You would think that a triple blooming plant like the Bloom-A-Thon® would require around-the-clock maintenance. Think again. Follow these steps and your azalea will be the happiest plant in the garden...
    • Plant in partial sun in moist well-drained soil.
    • Prune once after the first spring bloom.
    • Fertilize once with an acid fertilizer after the first spring bloom.
    • Water weekly and more in extreme heat.
    • Check for pests and disease periodically, although the azalea is highly disease and pest resistant.

    Get your Bloom-A-Thon® Lavender Reblooming Azalea today for the natural garden or patio of your dreams.

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