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Blue Mohawk Combo Container Kit
  • Blue Mohawk Combo Container Kit

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    Easily Assemble Multiple Plants in one Container!

    If you’ve potted the same plants in your containers year after year, here’s a chance to mix it up a bit by trying something different. This plant combination features strikingly colored foliage as well as flowers to give you season-long interest in a container garden that’s slightly off the traditional path. You’ll even receive the planter to hold your new plants!

    An Unusual Plant Combination that Works Beautifully!
    (1) Blue Mohawk Ornamental Grass (Juncus inflexus ‘Blue Mohawk’ GRACEFUL GRASSES® SERIES – Zones 5-9). As whimsical as a mohawk haircut, this lovely member of the rush plant family has blue-green foliage!

    (4) White Sage (Salvia greggii ‘Alba’ – Zones 7-10). Pure-white flowers cover the tips of this sage plant. We paired Blue Mohawk Ornamental Grass and White Sage because of the stunning color combo of white against blue-green.

    (4) Coral Reef Chinese Sedum (Sedum tetractinum ‘Coral Reef’ – Zones 5-8). You’ll enjoy colorful foliage, which turns from green to bronze to burgundy in fall, and pinkish-white flowers on this tough little succulent plant. Although it keeps a tidy 3-inch-tall height, its stems spread up to 12 inches, forming a skirt around the top of its container!

    Soil vs. Soilless
    Soilless container mixes are named accurately -- they don’t contain actual soil. Instead, they’re blended with various plant-friendly potting components, such as peat moss, shredded tree bark, compost and vermiculite. These non-soil ingredients work better in containers, because they stay light and porous to promote a healthy root system. If you use soil from your garden, it will have a tendency to hinder drainage and aeration because over time it becomes compacted. At your local garden center, look for a professionally blended soilless mix that’s formulated for outside containers.

    From Unpacking to Potting up in Less than an Hour!
    When your new plant kit arrives at your door, you can have a finished container garden in less than an hour by following these easy steps:

    1. Start at the center. Fill your container with enough potting mix to place the Blue Mohawk Juncus in the center. For easier watering of your finished container garden, position your plants so that the top of the soil in the nursery pots rests approximately 2 inches below the pot’s rim. This way, you create a small head space in the container to let the water soak in instead of spilling out.

    2. Work outward. Arrange the four White Sage plants in an “X” pattern midway from the Mohawk Juncus to the container’s edge. Place the four Coral Reef Chinese Sedum plants just inside the container’s rim in a staggered pattern between the Mohawk Juncus plants.

    3. Finish in a snap. If your soilless mix doesn’t contain fertilizer, apply a slow-release (granular) fertilizer, observing the label directions. Or if you prefer, you can use a water-soluble fertilizer (a powdered product that you mix in water) -- apply this every other watering time. When you’ve potted all your plants, simply add water until it drains freely.

    Design Ideas
    Place your new container garden in a sunny location where you can enjoy it up close, such as on your patio or deck. Place multiple pots on the stair steps leading to your front door. Set containers on a brick garden wall or garden bench as a focal point. Scatter multiple container gardens throughout your flower bed to complement your landscape design.

    Easy Ongoing Care
    One of the enduring appeals of container gardens is how simple they are to maintain. You don’t have to keep them weeded as you do your garden beds, which is one of the biggest benefits! All you’ll have to do is place your new potted combo in a sunny location, keep it watered and add fertilizer. You can even skip this last step if your soilless mix already contains fertilizer!

    Vacation Care
    Be sure to water your potted plants thoroughly before going on vacation, but if you’ll be away for an extended stay, ask a friend to water them. Although the plants in your garden beds may not need additional water while you’re gone, the potting mix in container gardens will dry quicker so it may need a little watering boost. If you prefer setting up a quick self-watering system, all you need is a wide cotton strip that you cut from an old t-shirt and a bucket of water. Push one end of the fabric strip into the soil of your container and place the other end in the bucket of water. The cloth will act as a wick, drawing water from the bucket to your container garden!

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