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Diamond Frost Euphorbia
Growing Zones: 4-11 (potted) 10-11 (in ground)
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Mature Height: 12-18 in.
Mature Width: 12-24 in.
Sunlight: Full to Partial
Spacing: 10-12 in.
Botanical: Euphorbia x ‘Inneuphdia’ Diamond Frost®
Cannot Ship to: AZ
This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

Diamond Frost Euphorbia

Diamond Frost Euphorbia
  • 3 inch pot
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A Tough Plant with a Graceful Look

Diamond Frost Euphorbia is fast becoming a favorite plant among gardeners who want lots of impact with little care required. Its popularity continues to grow because of an abundance of merits, which include:

1. White flowers all season. A profusion of airy, white blossoms covers Diamond Frost Euphorbia all season long, and you won’t need to prune or deadhead the plants to keep them blooming.

2. Heat- and drought-tolerant. The delicate flowers give Diamond Frost Euphorbia an appearance of a fragile plant, but don’t let that fool you -- it stands up to heat and drought like a champ.

3. Super “filler” plant. As a design touch, Diamond Frost Euphorbia fills in garden beds and containers with its rounded growth to keep them from looking sparse or becoming leggy.

Diamond Frost Euphorbia is a perennial only in the warmest climates of USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 10 and 11. If you live outside these zones, you can grow Diamond Frost Euphorbia in your garden as an annual plant or year-round as a houseplant. As a bonus, it’s also deer-resistant!

A Low-Maintenance Treasure
Diamond Frost Euphorbia is one plant you won’t have to fuss over!

Sun. Full sun in milder climates and morning sun with afternoon shade in hot summer climates is best.

Soil. Plants are adaptable to different types of soils, but excellent drainage is a must.

Water. Less is more. Diamond Frost Euphorbia can die if you water it too much; let the soil dry before watering again.

Fertilizer. A dilute application of a water-soluble fertilizer every other time you water; this plant doesn’t have a high fertilization requirement.

Pruning. You’ll never have to prune these plants to keep the flowers coming. If you do cut the stems, you’ll notice a white, milky sap. Note: If your skin is sensitive, or if you have a latex allergy, wear gloves when pruning the plant.

Overwintering. If you want to bring a pot of Diamond Frost Euphorbia indoors for the winter, cut the stems back and place it in front of a sunny window.

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