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Emerald Combo Container Kit
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    Emerald Combo Container Kit

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    Easily Assemble Multiple Plants in one Container!

    Creating a beautiful container garden is quick, easy and fun! Whether you have a large yard or limited gardening space because you live in an apartment or condo, a well-designed container garden adds instant color with an artistic flair. Instead of digging in the ground to plant your garden beds, you can simply arrange this selection of plants in the container we provide -- all you have to add is potting mix!

    Your Plants
    (1) Emerald Green Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis ‘Smaragd’, Zones 4-8). The lush growth on this evergreen maintains its beautiful emerald-green color all year long, even during the hottest summers. As the centerpiece of your container garden, it gives a stately elegance to the colorful blue and gold complementary plants.

    (3) Blue My Mind Evolvulus (Evolvulus ‘USEVO1201’, Zones 9-11). This plant with the catchy name really will blow your mind with the profusion of blue flowers that cover trailing stems of silvery-green leaves. Although it reaches a height of 6 to 12 inches, the stems can grow up to 24 inches long, quickly filling the container with brilliant blue color. Don’t worry about having to deadhead these flowers -- they’ll keep blooming all summer long with no pinching or snipping needed!

    (3) Goldilocks Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia ‘Goldilocks’, Zones 4-9). If you have not grown this plant before, it will likely be one of your new favorites! With its strikingly bold chartreuse leaves, Goldilocks Creeping Jenny grows only a few inches above the soil before it spills beautifully over the sides of a container to trail up to 24 inches long.

    Choosing a Potting Mix
    Even the highest-quality garden soil can become compacted in containers. And when container soil becomes densely packed, it begins to hold water without being able to drain freely. The consequence to your plants is that their roots can literally drown -- in too much water and not enough oxygen. A better choice for your container gardens is a commercially packaged soilless potting mix, which is specially blended to be lightweight and porous for the health of your plants. Many premixed blends also contain slow-release fertilizer to nourish your plants all season long. Look for a mix at your local garden center that’s labeled for use in outside containers, not for houseplants.

    Putting it all Together – Easy as 1-2-3!
    Here’s where you can let your inner child play!

    1. Begin filling your container with potting mix. First, add enough mix to place the largest plant in the center or the pot – the Emerald Green Arborvitae – so that the top of its root ball is approximately 2 inches below the top of the pot. (If you take cream in your coffee, you know how you have to leave some “head space.” Otherwise, when you add cream to a cup already filled with coffee, the cream would spill over the cup.) One of the common mistakes when planting containers is to set the plants at the very top and fill the container to its rim with potting mix. If you do this, water will spill over the outer edges of the pot during watering times instead of soaking into the soil.

    2. Add the plants. Fill the container with more potting mix until you can put the smaller plants in place so they are at the same level as the center plant. Place the three Blue My Mind Evolvulus plants in a triangular shape around the middle of the soil space, and then space the three Goldilocks Creeping Jenny plants in a triangular shape near the edge of the pot. Place the last two plant layers in an alternate arrangement instead of in a straight line.

    3. Finish with potting mix, fertilizer and water. Add more potting mix to cover the roots completely, and very lightly press in place. If your mix doesn’t contain fertilizer, add slow-release granules, which are formulated for container plants, at the rate and recommendations on the label, and lightly scratch the granules into the soil surface. Give your new plants a deep drink of water and admire your handiwork!

    Maintenance is a Breeze
    Choose a sunny location for these plants, and remember that full-sun containers will dry out faster than shady pots or in-ground plants. In the summer heat, you may have to water your container plants several times a week. So keep your container creation well-watered, giving it a thorough soaking until the water runs from the drainage hole. (You can set your pot on a brick or on “pot feet” to make sure the water drains more freely.) If you use a water-soluble fertilizer (powdered fertilizer that you mix in water), fertilize every other time you water (not each time).

    Vacation Watering Tips
    If your summer vacation takes you away from home for more than a few days, ask a friend or neighbor to water your container garden. If this isn’t an option, move the pot to a shady spot while you’re gone, and set up a temporary wick-watering system. Cut a strip of cloth from an old cotton t-shirt or flannel shirt, press one end of the strip into the container’s soil, and place the other end of the strip into a bucket of water. The fabric will act as a wick, drawing water into the container for a self-watering system!

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