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Honeymoon Mix Lenten Rose
Growing Zones: 4-9
What's my zone?
Mature Height: 18-24 in
Mature Width: 2-3 ft.
Sunlight: Shade
Blooms: Early spring
Spacing: 1-2 ft.
Botanical: Helleborus orientalis "Honeymoon Mix"
Plant Size 3 inch pots
This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

Honeymoon Mix Lenten Rose

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Fabulous New Colors in a Beloved, Tough-As-Nails Plant!

 Blooms up to 4 Months – Starting in Winter!
 Among the Few Blooming Perennials that Thrive in Shade
 One of the Easiest-to-Grow Plants for the American Home Garden!
Brighten Your Garden with New and Unusual Colors from the Very Latest breeding!
It took years for breeder Hans Hansen to perfect this mix of single-flowered Lenten Roses, and the result is outstanding! These plants are exceptionally vigorous, so they produce unusually large numbers of blooms per plant, and the colors of these blooms are richer and include new color combinations. A grouping will brighten your late winter garden with vibrant pinks, rare yellows, deepest purples, picoteed whites, even the highly sought green tints -- plus every shade in between! (All on different plants, of course.) 
Blooms up to 4 months – in Winter!
Even better, these spectacular 2 to 2.5 inch blooms begin in late winter and earliest spring, when everything else in the garden is sleeping. You’ll even see them peeking through a late snow, brightening your day and telling you that spring is right around the corner. They stay colorful throughout spring, only fading when the weather warms up for summer. As an added bonus, the evergreen foliage, rich green and resembling small palm leaves, keeps adding interest to your garden even when blooming season is long over.
Healthy, Hardy, Easy to Grow, and Deer-Resistant, too!
These tough plants will live up to 50 years of more, and nothing is easier to grow! They thrive in most any soil, even heavy clay; they laugh at heat, drought and cold; and, they are untroubled by pests or disease. Growing into neat clumps 18 inches tall and 2-3 feet across, they slowly spread to make a wonderful ground cover for those difficult shady spots under trees. Lenten Roses can  also make a delightful focal point in the shady perennial bed when they bloom in the winter to early spring. And this is the last plant to be nibbled on by deer! 
Growing Tips:
Though Lenten Roses (Helleborus) grow equally well in the North or the South, they do require dappled to full shade. They tolerate drought quite well and are not picky as to soil type, but, as with most perennials, they will grow most lushly if given a rich soil with plenty of organic matter for good drainage. 

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