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Pink Dreams Catmint
  • Growing Zones: 4-9
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    Mature Height: 1-2 ft.
    Mature Width: 18-24 in.
    Sunlight: Full - Partial
    Spacing: 2 ft.
    Botanical: Nepeta subsesselis ‘Pink Dreams’
    Cannot Ship to: AZ
    Plant Size Quart Pots
    This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

    Pink Dreams Catmint

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    A Riot of Color Amid Textured Leaves

    Although some types of catmint are low-growing plants suitable for edging garden beds or walkways, Pink Dreams Catmint (Nepeta subsessilis ‘Pink Dreams’) commands attention as it reaches heights up to 30 inches. Blooming profusely, the pink flowers are held above finely serrated foliage as they infuse their fragrance throughout your garden. A beautiful addition to your herb garden or cottage garden, Pink Dreams Catmint is at home in any sunny spot where you want a pop of color!

    Pink Perfection Perennial
    1. Fragrant pink flowers. The tubular, pink flowers are not only enticingly fragrant, but they are borne in profusion over bushy, billowing plants.

    2. Butterfly- and hummingbird-friendly. Not to be outdone by their color and fragrance alone, the flowers also entice butterflies and hummingbirds with their sweet nectar.

    3. Deer-resistant. Pink Dreams Catmint is one of the rare fragrant, flowering plants that are unattractive to deer! Your plants will stay full and floriferous without deer (or rabbit) damage.

    Garden Design Hints & Helps
    Plant Pink Dreams Catmint in any sunny area where you want a tall, bushy perennial to fill in bare spots. As a perennial border plant, Pink Dreams Catmint is a back-of-the-border choice to feature smaller plants in front. As a specimen plant, Pink Dreams Catmint is showy enough to stand alone as a focal point in your garden. Raise Pink Dreams Catmint above grade to really show it off as a container plant. And look no further for a perfect cottage-garden plant!

    Simple Care for Big Impact
    Pink Dreams Catmint is such an easy plant to grow:

    Sun. Preferring full sun, but more versatile than other catmints, Pink Dreams Catmint is also adaptable to partial shade.

    Soil. Slightly moist soils are best.

    Water. For best growth, keep plants watered when the soil becomes dry.

    Fertilizer. You won’t have to apply fertilizer; simply plant Pink Dreams Catmint in a rich soil that drains well.

    Pruning. If you cut plants back after flowering in mid-summer, they’ll be blooming again in autumn!

    Catmint vs. catnip -- what’s the difference? Traditional catnip, which is intoxicating to many cats, is a different species within this same group of plants. Catmint may also be attractive to some cats, but it doesn’t hold the same addictive strength of catnip. If you find that your cat (or neighborhood kitty) wants to chew the leaves or roll in your Pink Dreams Catmint, simply protect small plants by covering with a wire basket. As the plants grow, the stems will grow through the basket and there will be plenty of leaves to share!

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