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Pretty Pistachio Coral Bells

Pretty Pistachio Coral Bells

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Growing Zones: 4-9
Mature Height: 8-10 in.
Mature Width: 26-30 in.
Sunlight: Shade - Partial Shade
Spacing: 26-30 in.
Botanical: Heuchera x PRIMO
Cannot Ship to: AZ
Plant Size Quart Pots

A Bigger and Bolder Coral Bells Plant

The PRIMO™ series of coral bells really bumps up the wow factor over older cultivars. Whether you’re new to the world of coral bells, or you’re already a fan, you’ll fall in love with one of the plants in this series -- Pretty Pistachio Coral Bells (Heuchera x PRIMO™ ‘Pretty Pistachio’). Electric lime-green leaves are packed on plants that can reach 30 inches wide!

A Shade-Garden Stunner
1. Vibrant foliage. Pretty Pistachio Coral Bells has chartreuse leaves that are guaranteed to brighten any shade garden. The leaf color remains bright and vibrant without darkening later in the season.

2. Continuous bloomer. Although coral bells plants are prized for their beautiful foliage, they also produce nodding bell-type flowers on tall stems, called scapes. Typically, coral bells have short bloom seasons, but Pretty Pistachio Coral Bells is a repeat-bloomer that’s in continuous bloom nearly all summer long. The pink flowers are held high above the foliage, growing on scapes up to 24 inches tall.

3. Shade-tolerant. Darker-foliage plants tend to get lost in a shade garden, but Pretty Pistachio Coral Bells makes shady spots pop. Although it grows in full shade, it prospers in part shade, enjoying some morning sun.

Designing with Colorful Foliage
One Pretty Pistachio Coral Bells plant makes a stunning specimen plant, but clustered in groups the impact is truly electrifying. In a woodland garden, edge pathways with Pistachio Coral Bells, and as a shady border plant, add plants to a mixed-perennial design. Choose a contrasting container color, such as red or hot-pink, and feature Pistachio Coral Bells as a potted plant for your shaded porch patio or deck.

Minimal Maintenance
Pistachio Coral Bells has these few growing needs for it to thrive:
Sun. Not too much sun for this plant or its leaves may bleach or scorch. An ideal amount is morning sun followed by afternoon shade.

Soil. Rich soil that drains well is the perfect growing combination.

Water. Slightly moist soil that never becomes soggy is perfect.

Fertilizer. Pistachio Coral Bells grows in soil with average fertility, but you can boost its bloom power by fertilizing lightly with a slow-release fertilizer -- once in spring before the flowers emerge.

Pruning. It only takes a snip here and there to keep Pistachio Coral Bells looking neat and tidy. Trim away the dead, older leaves in spring and remove the flower stalks at the end of summer when all the blooms have faded.

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