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Red Satin Coreopsis
  • Red Satin Coreopsis
  • Red Satin Coreopsis
  • Growing Zones: 5-9
    What's my zone?
    Mature Height: 15-18 in.
    Mature Width: 18-22 in.
    Sunlight: Full Sun
    Blooms: Summer - Fall
    Spacing: 15-18 in.
    Botanical: Coreopsis 'Red Satin'
    Plant Size 3 inch pots
    This plant thrives in the green shaded regions above.

    Red Satin Coreopsis

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    Big Red Flowers that don’t fade!

    Covered in Blooms for the Entire Summer!
    Keeps Its Tight, Dense Habit All Season
    Flowers stay Rich Red, No Matter How Hot it Is!
    Still as Easy and Carefree as Wild Coreopsis!
    Now Even Zone 5 Gardeners Can Grow a Wonderful Coreopsis that Isn’t Yellow!!
    Coreopsis has long been valued for its ability to withstand adverse conditions while producing large numbers of starry flowers, but the hardy ones are pretty much all yellow, and the interestingly colored ones have been annuals. Wanting to see this native used more, breeder Darrel Probst has spent his career making the humble Coreopsis into a queen in the garden! He breeds for bigger flowers in interesting new color combinations that open over a longer period, but his biggest achievement is add cold hardiness to these new varuetues. Red Satin is one of his best achievements to date, with a myriad of large, 2-inch flowers in the richest, deepest red you can imagine, and this red does not fade even on the hottest summer day! This variety is hardy to Zone 5, so even folks in Michigan can grow this wonderful red Coreopsis with its great color, tight habit and myriad of flowers.
    You’ll Have 100’s of 2-inch Blooms – and They Just Keep Coming!
    The blooms are amazingly big and amazingly abundant, covering the neat, rounded plant for the entire summer – that’s three months of blooms, rather than the 6-8 weeks you get out of most hardy Coreopsis. You can have blooms even longer if you cut back the plant after the first big spate of flowers. Just think -- a mature plant can have hundreds, even thousands, of blooms over the course of a season, and you can enjoy them all!
    Takes More Heat AND Cold, and Stays Neat All Summer
    Survives winter in zone 5, but also is unfazed by the heat and humidity of southern summers – the best of both worlds! Narrow, linear, dark green foliage makes an airy foil for the myriad of flowers that cover the plant. And, most remarkably for Coreopsis, the plant stays tight and dense, never flopping open, even at the end of the season. Deer don’t care for it, but butterflies love it! 
    Growing Tips:
    Very easy to grow! Once its roots are established, it thrives despite drought, heat, humidity -- even downright neglect! That being said, when first planted, it needs regular watering (an inch a week, whether from rain or from your hose) until its roots are established. It adapts well to most any soil that is well-drained, even a poor one, and you don’t need to fertilize.. However, good drainage is important, especially in winter.  A bonus: these flowers are sterile, so you don’t have to deal with unwanted seedlings popping up!

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